Universiti Sains Malaysia Kemasukan

By | August 7, 2018

Universiti Sains Malaysia Kemasukan

Universiti Sains Malaysia Kemasukan, below is the information on the Universiti Sains Malaysia Kemasukan.

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USM offers a full range of Study Programs to candidates who are interested and qualified. Programs such as Science, Applied Science, Computer Science, Engineering, Technology, Arts, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Health Sciences, Dentistry, Arts, Social Sciences, Music, Fine Arts, Education, Economics, Management and Accounting often make students the choice continuing education at university level.

Principles of Student Intake

Universiti Sains Malaysia received a very high application for every academic session. Applications for each program offered exceed the number of projections provided. Each application will be evaluated on the basis of certain conditions and criteria set by the University Senate. The USM student recruitment policy covers the following three (3) aspects:


Adopt a meritocracy system in student selection that accounts for 90% academic and 10% co-curriculum. The candidate’s academic strength is the largest contribution in the ranking where a combination of grade level STPM / Matriculation / Diploma / Equivalent which represents 90% academic consideration and contribution in the field of sports / games / club / uniform / uniform body / National Service Training Program will be representing 10% contribution. The use of the ranking system is more competitive, fair, transparent and consistent.


The ability of a candidate to be seen from all aspects not only academic strength, but also the potential, talent and tendency of the candidate should be taken into account. The mental strength, character, interest, intelligence and self-esteem of the candidate are very important in a program of study. Potential candidates can develop and highlight talents to become more successful in their programs and universities, thus contributing to society, nation and nation.


The diversity of academic, ethnic, cultural, gender, occupation and residence backgrounds is extremely important to take into account in the acquisition of a program of study. The space and opportunity of studying candidates from diverse backgrounds can enhance the sense of unity while fostering a healthy competitiveness. students from diverse backgrounds are a sign of humanity’s vision and the integrity value of a university.
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