Universiti Sains Malaysia Internship

By | August 7, 2018

Universiti Sains Malaysia Internship

Universiti Sains Malaysia Internship,
Introduction: Internship Program is part of the course requirements for the Bachelor Degree of Management/Accounting. All final year students are required to undergo Internship training program for a period 16 weeks (4 months) Management and 24 weeks (6 months) Accounting for an exposure to the real management/accounting practice. The primary objective of the Internship program is to gain through real work life experience, a sound appreciation, and understanding of the theoretical principles learnt as an undergraduate at the School of Management. Internship program is oriented towards developing the professional skills, interpersonal skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to make an effective and efficient start as a member of the management/accounting profession.

Person in charge:

  • Bachelor of Management: Associate Professor Dr. Shankar Chelliah
  • Bachelor of Accounting: Dr. Amirul Shah Md. Shahbudin

Course code & Units:

  • Bachelor of Management: ATW 306 (8 Units)
  • Bachelor of Accounting: ACW 310 (9 Units)

Internship Documents for Academic Calendar 2018-2019:

Internship Guidelines (Attachment)
Student’s Log Book (Attachment)
Cover Letter to Employer from School (4 months) (Attachment)
Cover Letter to Employer from School (6 months) (Attachment)
Reply Form (Letter of acceptance/rejection) (4 months) (Attachment)
Reply Form (Letter of acceptance/rejection) (6 months) (Attachment)
Letter of Undertaking & Indemnity (Attachment)
Letter of Confirmation (Attachment)
Supevisor’s/ Manager’s Monthly Report (Attachment)
Employer’s Confidential Final Report (Attachment)
Supervisor’s Report (Attachment)
Supervisor’s List (will be uploaded later)
Log book for accounting students (Attachment)
Log book for accounting students attach with BIG 5 (Attachment)

Internship Semester 2 2017/2018

ATW 306/8

ACW 310/9

Start Date 1st September 2018 1st August 2018
End Date

31st December 2018

31st January 2019
Submission Of Interim Report 1st-7th Nov 2018 1st-7th October 2018
Submission of Final Report 1st-7th January 2019 1st-7th February 2019
  • Is it necessary to apply for internship according to the student’s major? No.  Students are welcomed to conduct their internship at various companies, except the ones that shall be advised during the briefing session by the Deputy Dean.
  • If a student does not get any internship offer until the end of the semester (the following semester is the internship period), what should they do? Consult and discuss with the student’s PA.
  • When should the student submit the company’s name when the student has already received an internship offer? Immediately after the acceptance of the internship offer.
  • Who to contact if students want to know whether the school has received the interim report posted by students? Ms. Yeap via phone 04-653 5479, email at blyeap@usm.my or Facebook USM Management Intern 2017-2018 for Management students and USM Accounting Intern 2017-2018 for Accounting students.