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Sunway University Courses

Sunway University Courses

Sunway University Courses; the programmes at Sunway University adhere to the most stringent regulations. Our qualifications are recognised throughout the world, collaborating with top ranking international universities adds to the respect shown to our degree programmes.


Sunway University Courses for Foundation Students

Sunway Foundation in Arts

Sunway Foundation in Science and Technology


Sunway University Courses for Diploma & Degree Students

Accounting and Finance

Actuarial Studies

American Degree Transfer Programme

Biology with Psychology

Business Administration


Sunway University Programmes and Courses For Entrepreneurship

Business Studies

Business Management


Computer Science

Contemporary Music (Audio Technology)

Conventions and Events Management

Culinary Arts

Culinary Management

Digital Film Production


Sunway University programmes Design Communication


Events Management

Financial Analysis

Financial Economics

Graphics and Multimedia Design


Global Supply Chain Management

Hotel Management

Information Technology – Computer Networking and Security

Information Systems – Business Analytics

Information Technology

Information System


International Business

Interior Design


Interior Architecture

International Hospitality Management

Medical Biotechnology


Mobile Computing with Entrepreneurship


Performing Arts


Software Engineering


Courses for Sunway University Postgraduate Studies

Business (MBA)

Business (PhD)

Biology (PhD)

Computer Science (By Research) (MSc)

Computing (PhD)

Information Systems (MSc)

Life Sciences (MSc)

Psychology (MSc)