Sunway University ACCA

By | June 6, 2017

Sunway University ACCA

Sunway University ACCA; The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a world-renowned professional qualification which was first introduced in the UK in 1904. The Association is the largest and fastest growing international accountancy body in the world. Today, ACCA has 428,000 students and 162,000 members in 173 countries with an extensive network of offices and centres in nearly 82 countries. Wherever you may be, there is always support at hand.
The aim of Sunway University ACCA is to offer itself as the first choice of qualification to individuals seeking a rewarding career in accountancy, finance and management. With over a hundred years of accounting and financial experience, ACCA is widely respected.
Every eight minutes, somewhere in the world, someone is registering himself or herself as an ACCA student. Does this mean that you will still stand out from the crowd? Most certainly! ACCA students and members are individuals in every sense of the word, unbound by business-sector or country-border constraints.

Sunway University ACCA Programmes Available

  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Qualification

    ACCA enables members to attain a premier professional qualification in accountancy and provides graduates with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to be finance professionals in an organisation.
    Graduates with an ACCA qualification are likely to gain employment with relative ease, be it locally or internationally. It also paves the way to many sectors of work – financial or corporate.

  • Certified Accounting Technician (CAT)

    CAT is a technical / diploma-level qualification which provides a comprehensive introduction to accountancy. It is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in finance or to gain an accelerated route to the ACCA qualification.

ACCA & CAT Qualifications Pathway

As an introductory course to accountancy, the Advanced Level of CAT is equivalent to the first year of a university degree programme. Consequently, CAT graduates are allowed to move directly to Part 2 of the ACCA Professional Scheme exams.
ACCA Pathway

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ACCA Members

ACCA affiliates, with a minimum of 3 years of relevant supervised practical experience (which may be pre-, during or post-examination / studies), are required to submit their Practical Experience Requirement (PER) to ACCA to demonstrate sufficient competency to merit membership. The standard of competence required consists of a range of technical, management and personal skills which are essential for all aspiring members.
Upon approval, ACCA graduates may add the prestigious designatory initials ACCA to their names. They may also apply for membership to the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) and use the designatory initials ‘Chartered Accountant (Malaysia)’.

Career Opportunities

Graduates with relevant practical experience may be employed in an organisation of their choice – international professional services firms, multinational conglomerates, and private and public sectors. They may even be self-employed and manage their own business in any industry or sector.
A career in finance will not put you in a box or limit your options. With the right qualification – ACCA – you can gain employment in any country. Accountancy is one of the few professions that transcend national borders. Finance professionals are in demand in places far afield internationally.
The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) was founded in 1904 and is now one of the largest professional accountancy body recognised internationally with over 428,000 students and 162,000 members operating in 173 countries. Consequently, graduates of the ACCA, with the relevant approved practical experiences, can act as public accountants, both locally and internationally.
ACCA students who have completed Fundamentals Level (Knowledge module and Skills module) of the ACCA examinations will be awarded the Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University (OBU) upon completion of a Research and Analysis Project assessed by OBU, UK. The Oxford Brookes B. Sc (Hons) Degree in Applied Accounting is a highly regarded qualification, which is based on practical, professional, employer-driven accounting requirements. It enables students to prove that not only have they mastered the knowledge required for the degree, but also that they have the key skills required by employers.
Upon completion of the Sunway University ACCA Professional Scheme and three years of relevant, and supervised practical experience, graduates will obtain ACCA status. They can then apply to become members of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MA), enabling them to use the prestigious designatory initials CA(M) or Chartered Accountant (Malaysia).

Sunway University ACCA Structured, Teaching and Learning Approaches

Sunway-TES has a structured approach in imparting knowledge to its students. Each paper consists of a minimum of 24-32 lectures and 8 tutorials, comprising 2 lectures per week of 3 hours each. Attendance is mandatory for all lectures and tutorials.
Exam Driven / Exam Focus classes for each paper are compulsory, comprising a minimum of 12 to 24 hours per paper. These sessions provide and discuss past exam questions and techniques.
In addition, each paper consists of 3 internal exams. These internal exams are indicators of students’ progress in their studies.

Sunway University ACCA Intakes

January & July (Full-time & Part-time)
April & September (Full-time for Fundamentals Level, Knowledge Module only)

Examination Periods

June & December (paper-based exam)


  • 2 years with CAT qualification (Full-time basis)
  • 1½ years with a degree from an ACCA-accredited institution (Part-time basis)
  • 2½ years with STPM / A-Level (Full-time basis)

Time Frame for Completion of Studies

Most students attempt from 2 to 3 papers each semester and thus graduate in 3 years. However, ACCA grants up to a maximum of 10 years to attain its qualification.

ACCA Entry Requirements

Professional Entry Route (PER)

Aged 18 years and above, with a minimum of 5 SPM / O-Level credits, including English and Mathematics, or equivalent.
In addition, students must fulfil one of the criteria below:

STPM/ A-Level 2 credits PLUS 3 credits in SPM/ O-level (including Eng and Maths)
UEC 5Bs (including English and Maths)
CAT Pass
Any foundations approved by MQA Average mark of 60% and above
*This foundation qualification refer to the foundation programme that developed by the college such as Sunway Foundation in Arts (FIA), Taylor’s Business Foundation
LCCI Level 4 Pass
AUSMAT/ SAM ATAR 70 PLUS 3 credits in SPM/ O-level (including Eng and Maths)
CIMP/ CPU 60% PLUS 3 credits in SPM/ O-level (including Eng and Maths)
International Baccalaureate (IB)
Minimum of 24 points (excluding bonus points)
MUFY 220

Should you have a relevant degree from an ACCA-accredited institution, you may be granted exemptions of up to all 9 Papers at the Fundamentals Level. No exemptions are awarded at the Professional Level.


Exemption is awarded on the basis of qualifications which contain relevant content to ACCA papers at Fundamentals Level. No exemption is awarded at Professional Level. For information on exemption enquiry, refer to the ACCA website
Students with the following English Language qualification may be exempted from CSB.

  • TOEFL 550 (computer-based test 213)
  • IELTS 6.0
  • MUET Band 5
  • Graduates / Diploma holders of accounting and business degrees from recognised institutions where English is the medium of instruction.
  • Modules Structure

    The CAT and ACCA examinations are structured as follows, with the relevant entry routes:

    Fundamentals Level (9 papers in total)

    Part 1 – Knowledge Module

    Part 2 – Skills Module

    F1 Accountant in Business
    F2 Management Accounting
    F3 Financial Accounting
    F4 Corporate and Business Law
    F5 Performance Management
    F6 Taxation
    F7 Financial Reporting
    F8 Audit and Assurance
    F9 Financial Management

    Professional Level (5 papers in total)

    Part 3 – Essentials Module

    Options Module (select any two (2) papers)

    P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics
    P2 Corporate Reporting
    P3 Business Analysis
    P4 Advanced Financial Management
    P5 Advanced Performance Management
    P6 Advanced Taxation
    P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance

    ACCA students who have completed Fundamentals Level (Knowledge module and Skills module) of the ACCA examinations will be awarded the B.Sc. (Hons) in Applied Accounting upon completion of a Research & Analysis Project assessed by the Oxford Brookes Univeristy, UK.
    Exemption is awarded on the basis of qualifications which contain relevant content to ACCA papers at Fundamentals Level. No exemption is awarded at Professional Level. For information on exemption enquiry, refer to the ACCA website

Sunway Advantages

Sunway-TES which conducts accounting and financial courses maximises the potentials of its students. Apart from a well-qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty, and unsurpassed achievements, Sunway-TES also provides a conducive environment for students to learn, socialise, acculturise and lead.

Platinum Status Ten Consecutive Years

In September 2007, Sunway-TES was one of the first institutions in Malaysia to be awarded the Approved Learning Partner – Student Tuition, the Platinum Status. To achieve the Platinum Status, Sunway-TES was assessed by ACCA on five performance indicators – tuition (pass rate to match that of the World), materials, facilities, students’ support and course management.

Proven Track Record

One of the hallmarks of the success of Sunway-TES is its ability to produce high achievers. Apart from the high pass-rate by subject regularly surpasses that of the World, Sunway-TES has, to date, produced 26 World Prize-winners and 105 World Top scorers in ACCA and CAT examinations respectively.

Effective Teaching and Learning Strategies

Sunway-TES is a pioneer in teaching strategies which result in outstanding student achievements. The focus of lectures is to impart knowledge that stimulates learning and critical thinking. In tutorials, the emphasis is on the application of knowledge in the real world of business and accounting practices. Students are also required to attend the Exam Driven / Exam Focus classes for each of the papers registered. These classes are followed by a mock exam where questions are answered under examination conditions.

Business English Certificate (BEC)

The objectives of Business English Certificate are to improve the student’s ability to communicate in a higher education learning environment, with specific reference to the area of business. The student will learn to write in English in a wide range of business situations. The student will also improve his/ her ability to speak and listen to English in an academic and professional environment.

ACCA / CAT Graduation Ceremony

Sunway-TES is the only institution in Malaysia to host an ACCA / CAT graduation ceremony twice yearly for its graduates.
Students are euphoric and delighted to graduate among their friends and in the presence of academic staff who have been their mentors, and parents who have been their motivators. At every graduation ceremony, a special award – the ‘Ernst & Young Best Graduation ACCA Student Award’ is conferred on the highest achieving ACCA Affiliate.

Strategic Alliances with the International Professional Services Firms

A well-forged alliance between Sunway-TES and the ‘Big 5′ International Professional Services Firms enables graduates to be placed in employment with these firms. The conducive learning environment of Sunway-TES has resulted in its graduates being the most sought after and preferred of applicants with ACCA qualifications.
Sunway-TES graduates are regarded as all-rounders, technically sound as well as possessing a mix of interpersonal and organisational skills to complement the needs of today’s business and globalised world.


Various scholarships are available for high academic performers as well as for students requiring financial aid.


Since 1999, Sunway-TES is the only tuition provider with a registered club of ACCA graduates. The Alma Mater is the Sunway ACCA Graduates Club (SAGC) and it plans to organise activities to foster camaraderie among students and graduates.