Sunway Monash University Foundation Year MUFY

By | June 2, 2017

Sunway Monash University Foundation Year MUFY

The Sunway Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) is a pathway that provides the academic bridge for students to progress successfully to undergraduate studies at Monash University. Just as Monash is a passport to a fulfilling career and a rewarding life, MUFY is the passport to a rich learning experience at Monash. Designed by Monash academics, the MUFY program prepares students for admission into a wide range of Monash University undergraduate degrees.

Some key benefits of the Sunway Monash University Foundation year MUFY:
A Leading University Foundation Programme

Direct pathway to Monash University

MUFY students who meet the entry requirements specified by Monash University are assured of a place in Monash University*. This assurance of university placement given to MUFY graduates takes away some of the pressure associated with gaining admission into a well-ranked university.

*Additional selection criteria may apply to specific courses, for example Medicine

National recognition in Australia

As Monash University is a member of the Australian Group of Eight Universities (Go8), comprising the most distinguished universities in Australia, the MUFY qualification is recognised by all Australian universities. This recognition applies as well for admission into the branch campuses of Australian universities in Malaysia.
The success of the MUFY programme at Sunway College is attributed to the very high rate of students gaining admission into degree programmes at Monash University. There is also a good record of successful transfers and placements into other universities throughout Australia.

Track record of success

MUFY students at Sunway College continually garner the Monash Excellence Award for achieving the highest total score among all the providers of MUFY in the region including providers in Australia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Laos.
Our track record is maintained as students receive additional academic and tutorial support from our team of dedicated and experienced lecturers. We also work with Monash University to provide regular career guidance and university placement advice.

Flexibility through modular delivery

The MUFY programme may be completed in two semesters. However, to suit individual learning needs, students have the option to extend the duration of study, for instance to three semesters. This offers students the flexibility to study at a more comfortable and individualised pace.

Monash University Entrance Scholarship

Monash University provides entrance scholarships to high achievers in the MUFY programme, recognising and rewarding them for their academic excellence in the
Each year, a good number of MUFY graduates through Sunway College are awarded these scholarships to pursue undergraduate studies at Monash University.

Smooth transition to Monash University

MUFY at Sunway works closely with Monash University to ensure that MUFY students transition to Monash as smoothly as possible. This includes providing up-to-date course information, course and career counselling, university placement advice and assistance in the submission of university applications.

Choice of undergraduate courses at Monash University

MUFY opens the door to an extensive and exciting range of undergraduate courses offered at Monash University. These courses include art and design, arts, business, commerce, communication, economics, education, engineering, information technology, medicine and health sciences, pharmacy, psychology, science and social sciences.

Wide range of subjects and units

MUFY offers a choice of eleven subjects that prepare students for the full range of undergraduate courses at Monash University. With each of the eleven subjects being divided into two units, students can choose from a broad selection of twenty two units.

Semesterised study mode

MUFY is conducted on a semester basis. Every subject is divided into two parts or units and each unit takes one semester (approximately half a year) to complete. The fact that students can complete half of a subject in a semester before progressing to the second half in the following semester makes coping with the program much more manageable.

Student-centred curriculum that promotes life-long learning

MUFY adopts a student-centred teaching and learning approach that sets the foundation for students to be inquiring, life-long learners. For this reason, the curriculum focuses on equipping students with strong critical thinking and interpersonal communication skills to succeed not only in their undergraduate studies and their career, but more importantly, as independent life-long learners.

Sunway Monash University Foundation Year MUFY Courses and programme details

Monash University Foundation Year
MQA Reference No: A5694
    • Field of Study: Pre-University
    • Specialization: Monash University Foundation
    • Level: Pre-University
    • Conducted Entirely in Msia/Transfer: Fully Conducted in Malaysia
    • Intake: January, March, July, August,
    • Entry Requirement:
      * Minimum five (5) credits in SPM; O-Level or equivalent (including English or minimum IELTS score of 5.5 and Mathematics )
      * Conditional offers will be made to students with forecast results
    • English Requirements:
      * TOEFL: 550 paper-based; 213 computer-based; 80 internet-based
      * IELTS: 6.0
      * MUET: Band 4
      * SPM English: B3 or B+
      * UEC: English B4
      * O-Level English (1119): Credit
      * ESL / English: Satisfactory level in Pre-University programmes; where the medium of instruction is in English
      * Intensive English Programme: Pass level 4 with 65% minimum

Brief Description of MUFY:

The Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) is the university pathway programme that provides the academic bridge for students to successfully make a transition into undergraduate studies at Monash University.

For many MUFY students, this programme offers a smooth transition academically and culturally from education in their home country to the social and academic environment of an Australian university.
MUFY is popularly referred to as Monash University’s “Year Zero”, the pathway of choice for students to progress into subsequent years of undergraduate studies.
Designed by Monash academics, this Australian Year 12 equivalent programme allows admission into the full range of Monash University undergraduate degrees. Whether you are planning for a career in medicine, business or information technology, engineering or science, or the arts, MUFY has a proven record of success and is the pathway for you to follow.
With thousands of students worldwide wishing to be admitted into this prestigious university, it is reassuring to know that Monash University assures admission to MUFY graduates who meet entry requirements. Sunway College is the only provider of the MUFY programme in Malaysia.
Sunway University was one of very few private higher education institutions in Malaysia to be rated “Excellent” in the first ever quality rating system in Malaysia
Apply now and our student counselor will contact you shortly. Our counseling, evaluation and application services are free of charge
Sunway Monash University Foundation Year MUFY Important details
Duration: 9 – 10 months
Tuition Fees: RM27,240.00
Miscellaneous Fees: RM2,000.00
Location of Study: Selangor
Full Time/Part Time: Full Time
Awarding Country: Australia,AUS
Awarding University: MUFY