Segi University Good Or Not

By | May 17, 2018

Segi University Good Or Not

Segi University Good Or Not, Check out if  Segi University Good Or Not in the information provided below

Honestly segi is more of a business university that tends to gain money rather than offering a strong education.

There are factors which will be listed down from my perspective.

1- Unqualified lectures.

They (lectures) do not have the ability of delivering knowledge to the students or the methods they use isn’t sufficiently enough to learn.

2- Also some lectures can not even speak proper English.

3- insufficient equipments

4- Poor facilities

5- Unpleasant handling, processing, working issues with some faculties.

6- Visa issues

7- Delay in results release (takes about 1.5 to 2 months )which they often release it in mid of the next semester

8- They deal with students as they are money machines. You can basically judge by when you want to get information about their campus or tuition fees and courses available ( a nice smile and pleasent stuff) you registere, everything becomes so complicated and they give excuses( no more smiles or assistance for any further issue once you register).

I’m not against segi, I actually like being there but those issues are there for international students and we just cope with it.