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Segi University Foundation

Segi University Foundation, The foundation studies and pre-university programmes offered at SEGi are focused on honing critical thinking and independent skill-sets in their students. This is to get them accustomed and well prepared for admissions to undergraduate programmes


Pre U / Foundation

Pre U / Foundation


Foundation courses in Malaysia
The foundation studies and pre-university programmes offered at SEGi are focused on honing critical thinking and independent skill-sets in their students. This is to get them accustomed and well prepared for admissions to undergraduate programmes. Our committed and welcoming academic professionals will help to shape and develop your skills, with the ultimate goal of building and reaching your maximum potential in your academic performance.

A solid backing of academic distinction exists at SEGi as we are committed to giving undivided attention to our students’ development. The many success stories in sectors such as science, engineering, medicine, accounting, business and arts are testament to the tried and trusted nature of the academic guidance that we provide.

Complete your pre university in Malaysia
Our foundation programmes is designed to assist in the transition of post-secondary students into a wide range of degree programs. These quick entry, 1-year courses will provide you with the theoretical knowledge and academic know-how to move onto your degree. Through successful completion of the foundation programme, you can gain entry to degree courses either right here in Malaysia or abroad.

Why choose a foundation programme in Malaysia?

1. Customised entries to success
Our Foundation programmes help students prepare for undergraduate studies in IT, architecture, business, actuarial science, health science, engineering and social sciences.

2. Hone your understanding with cutting-edge academics
Our academic syllabuses are designed to give students a firm grasp of the subjects through direct mentorship and guidance.

3. A distinctive record
Many of SEGi’s foundation students have enjoyed great success in their chosen career paths, from budding entrepreneurs in business to technological research advances in biomedical sciences.

Foundation in Arts
Our Foundation in Arts programme is crafted to equip post-secondary students with the know-how and skillsets required to gain entry into a university. The programme covers a wide range of syllabuses to make the transition from secondary school to tertiary education as seamless as possible. We work passionately with students to mould all-round independent thinkers. Core subjects such as Public Speaking and Computer Application are included in this programme to give you a comprehensive approach way of learning. There is also a wide range of electives to choose from.

This one-year arts foundation will guarantee graduates’ entry into quality degree programmes with SEGi as well as the UK, USA and Australian universities in partnership with SEGi. The following are just some of the subjects offered:

  • Accounting
  • Actuarial Science
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • English & Public Relations
  • Mass Communication
  • Hospitality Management
  • Creative Arts

Foundation in Science


This particular foundation covers topics such as applied sciences to enable students to have a solid grasp of the syllabus before taking on Health Sciences, Computing and Engineering. The foundation acts as a stepping stone before your entry into well-known universities in the UK and abroad through a partnership with SEGi.


Enrol for one of these specializations:

  • Creative Arts
  • Aquatic Science
  • Pharmacy
  • Optometry
  • Nursing
  • Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Food Science & Nutrition
  • Biotechnology

Foundation in Information Technology
Our Foundation in Information Technology is designed to equip students with key expertise in computer based knowledge and mathematical functions that are required to excel in relevant fields.

Our Foundation in Information Technology is recognized and backed by universities across the country and abroad. Upon finishing your one-year technology focused foundation programmes, students can obtain entry into computing and information technology degrees from UK universities that are offered through partnerships with SEGi, and our college’s Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) programme.

Foundation in Commerce
Our Foundation in Commerce is your direct passage from a secondary education to a university degree. This foundation ensures your entry into reputable undergraduate programmes with our college and partner universities in the UK and Australia. The foundation will also grant you credit exemptions from selected SEGi degrees, and provide key knowledge in the fields of management and commerce.