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Segi University Early Childhood Education Program

Segi University Early Childhood Education Program

Segi University Early Childhood Education Program, The information provided below is Segi University Early Childhood Education Program



Early Childhood Care & Education


What is Early Childhood Education?
You may not know this, but 85% of a child’s central brain structure is formed upon reaching the age of three.

A surge of growth activity happens during the first five years of growing up. It is the only stage when your brain develops faster than any other part of the body. This is why this delicate period requires the aid of qualified Early Childhood Education professionals, as they understand the inner workings of a child and their thought processes and are able to apply effective teaching methods that young children can absorb.

Looking for an Early Childhood Education course in Malaysia?
Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) in Malaysia can be broken down into two age groups; 0 – 4 years old and 4 – 6 years old. This includes how a child grows physically, how they experience success and tribulations, the adoption of key criteria that help them reach their potential, and how they develop comprehensively. This is best carried out through the academic and professional training of the ECCE programme.

Our Malaysian government are firm backers of the ECCE and has tabulated the National Policy for Early Childhood Education. Through its introduction, the policy aims to build and improve on the key understanding of childhood development from newborn till the age of six.

Inspiring education for tomorrow’s leaders
Young children need educators who can provide the proper care and guidance for them. The prominence of trained and qualified ECCE educators in the field is now being endorsed by policy makers, parents, and the general public at large.

These programmes are crafted with a firm foundation to assist in a child’s effective growth and development, such as through the introduction of real-life activities in nation building, to help prepare them for primary school.

An educational course that is backed by the government
The government’s participation in ECCE is prevalent in its countless efforts to make Early Childhood programmes more readily available for the less fortunate and for those that reside in rural areas.

SEGi is known as the trusted source for ECCE programmes, with its constant supply of highly qualified professionals in the field since 1999.

Moreover, the government of Malaysia has since backed SEGi as the Champion of Entry Point Project (EPP) 2 and Education National Key Economic Areas (NKEA) to help encourage and guide aspiring practitioners.

Key traits of aspiring educators in the field

  • A firm understanding and expertise in child-centered education
  • Well versed in the thematic and integrated ECCE curriculum syllabus
  • Strong grasp of project-based and experimental learning
  • Qualified in lesson planning and possess application know-how
  • Schedules regular observations in recording and implementing detailed progress reports of each child
  • Application of best practices and principles based on ECCE curriculum
  • Active contributors to the development of early childhood education

Your career options with an Early Childhood Education degree

  • ECCE Lecturer
  • ECCE Curriculum Developer
  • Educational Toy Consultant
  • Kindergarten (Tadika) Teacher
  • Pre-school (Taska) Teacher
  • Pre-school / Kindergarten Owner
  • Pre-school / Kindergarten Principal
  • Private / International School Teacher (Pre-school Level)

Career opportunities abound in Early Childhood Education
Almost every Early Childhood Education degree holders have a genuine passion for educating young children, and therefore always begin their careers in the teaching field. However, after gaining sufficient and necessary experience, many embark on to roles ranging from pre-school programmes consultants to early childhood education school owners.