Pendaftar Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia

By | August 2, 2018

Pendaftar Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia

Registrar of International Islamic University of Malaysia,
The major function of General Administration and Record Unit is to register, manage, maintaining and updating students personal files.The unit coordinate and conducts the Centre’s examinations, including placement tests, processing the results and facilitating appeals for the recheck of answer scripts and re-admission; Examination results will be released via the IIUM web page for each semester, including the short semester. The result includes the grades of all courses registered for that semester, the GPA and CGPA.

PRE-REGISTRATION (Existing PG Students)

Ø  A continuing student must pre-register for courses that he intend to take in the following semester. However, a new student may register for courses during the Ta’aruf Week
Ø  Visit academic calendar and important dates


Ø  Course registration may be divided into eight (8) categories:
o     Language Proficiency Courses: A student who does not achieve the required scores will have an option to enroll in a Special Language programme for Postgraduates for a maximum of two (2) years prior to his admission into Postgraduate programmes. In such cases, the student will not be allowed to register for any courses of the Postgraduate programme
o     Pre-requisite Courses: A student who has been prescribed pre-requisite courses must register for these courses whenever they are offered by the kulliyyah. A student must PASS the pre-requisite courses to be eligible to register for the specific postgraduate courses that require those pre-requisite courses
o     Special Requirement Courses: If deemed necessary by the department/kulliyyah, a student may be required to register for special requirement courses
o     Programme Required Courses: Inclusive of core and elective courses prescribed in the programme of study and are a requirement for graduation
o     Comprehensive Exam: In specific programmes, a student may be required to PASS a comprehensive examination as a condition to graduate or to register for research work.
o     Research Proposal: The research proposal must be approved by the KPGC within the semester registered. In the case of failure to submit an acceptable proposal, a student will not be allowed to register
o     Dissertation: Research work in programmes where both coursework and research are required for graduation
o     Thesis: Research work in programmes where research is required for graduation
Ø  Mode of Registration:
o     Online
o     Manual
Ø  Registration Period (General Information)

Type of Registration



Pre-registration 1 week Week 15
Add and Drop 2 weeks (Regular)
1 week (Short)
1 week before semester begin
1 week after commencement of new semester
Adjustment Period 1 week Late registration with penalty of RM50/course
Drop Only Period 8 weeks Week 3 until week 9 of the semester
Withdrawal (RM300) 2 weeks Week 10 until week 11 of the semester
Withdrawal (RM500)* 2 weeks Week 12 until week 13 of the semester