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Open University Malaysia Emba

Open University Malaysia Emba, Executive Master (EM) or Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) is an advanced level of master’s degree designed specially for mid-career executive professionals. Common titles of the degree are executive master of arts, executive master of science or area specific titles like executive master of business administration, executive master of communication or Executive Master of Advanced Studies in Humanitarian Logistics and Management (MASHLM), etc.


Executive Master Programmes

Executive Master Programmes
Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)
EMBA (Building & Facilities Management)
EMBA (Corporate Management)
EMBA (Corporate Sales & Marketing)
EMBA (Engineering Business Management)
EMBA (Environmental Management)
EMBA (International Business)
EMBA (Manufacturing Management)
EMBA (Retailing)
2 Executive Master of Commerce (General Management)
3 Executive Master of Financial Management + SAP Certification (EMFM)
4 Executive Master of Human Capital Management + SAP Certification (EMHCM)
5 Executive Master in Plantation Management
6 Executive Master of Supply Chain Management + SAP Certification (EMSCM)

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