New Era University College Of Medicine Courses

By | May 14, 2018

New Era University College Of Medicine Courses

New Era University College Of Medicine Courses. For Medicine Courses offered in New Era University College, Check the information provided

Academic Program Offering

Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology ( BSMT)

Description of the Program

The Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology (BSMT) program of New Era University is a four-year course undergraduate curricular program that is geared as first

professional entry level education that upon its completion, the graduate is eligible to secure appropriate license to practice, and eventually qualifies the Medical Technologist for practice as an independent autonomous professional.

The curriculum program requirements has a total of 84 units of General Education Courses, 16 units of Medical Technology Core Courses and 51 units Professional Medical Technology Courses. The program of study is based on national (Commission on Higher Education) professional entry level education policies, standards and guidelines, taking into account the local needs of the Philippines society as well as the demands of the international market.

Prospective Career

A Degree in Clinical Laboratory Science/ Medical Technologist opens a window of exciting career opportunities. CLS/MT graduates can be found working as:

  • Clinical laboratory specialists in hospitals, clinics or commercial laboratories.Clinical laboratory specialists working in areas such as microbiology, hematology, blood bank, chemistry, molecular biology/DNA, histocompatibility, virology, immunology/serology, stem cell/bone marrow labs and flow cytometry.

  • Clinical laboratory supervisors, managers, administrators and directors.

  • Quality assurance/quality management specialists in hospitals or industry (e.g. pharmaceutical quality operations.)

  • PTechnical representatives, sales representatives or research and development specialist in laboratory industries.

  • Clinical Research Associates (CRA) in clinical trials organizations.

  • Research technologists or research supervisors/coordinators in academic medical centers.

  • Laboratory

Graduate Attributes



1. God-fearing

1. Select advice which will reinforces the core values of the student.

2. Professional service-oriented

2. Exemplify the ability to apply their knowledge to competence through service

3. Clinical thinkers and problem solvers

3. Use Medical Technology skills to create solutions for problems encountered

4. Productive researches

4. Create researches which are relevant and contributory to science and technology

5. Effective communication

5. Apply forms of communication to effective relay and receive information

6. Collaborators and leaders

6. Become good leaders and followers

7. Lifelong learners

7. Personal/ continuing development

8. Ethically responsible professionals

8. Adhere to ethical professionals legal standards.