New Era University College Of Law Tuition

By | May 14, 2018

New Era University College Of Law Tuition

New Era University College Of Law Tuition, Check out for New Era University College Of Law Tuition in the information provided below
Bachelor of Law
500 pesos per unit


Inspired by the University’s Philosophy, “Godliness is the foundation of knowledge”,
the College of Law strongly holds that Godliness is the cornerstone in the study of law.


A premiere institution of legal education firmly embedded in the unique Christian culture of excellence,
discipline and service to humanity.


Provide the highest quality of instructions in the study of law with Christian values
as its foundation in the furtherance of bringing glory and honor to the Almighty.


  • To maintain an atmosphere of academic and professional excellence in the field of law
  • To lay down a strong and solid foundation through mastery in the fundamental concepts of law
  • To develop the discipline of critical-thinking and problem-solving skills to achieve proficient decision-making and legal advocacy
  • To continuously upgrade, update and refine the teaching syllabi, materials and resources in accord with the rapid and dynamic growth and development in the knowledge of law
  • To inculcate the importance of continuous and self-motivated life-long study in the law through research and continuing legal education
  • To instill in the students of the law the spirit of empathy, compassion, fairness, respect and humaneness in dealing with people or a community in need of legal aid or assistance
  • To constantly grow and advance as an institution of learning and establish linkages among local and international, private and public institutions
  • To produce from the crop of students into committed members of the legal profession, imbued with proficiency and awareness, and more importantly, God-fearing, competent and disciplined


• • • HISTORY • • •

The New Era University College of Law started in June 2000 after the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) granted its permit to operate for the first year level of the course. The opening coincided with the 25th anniversary of the New Era University, which was established in 1975.
The first Dean of the College of Law was Justice Nicolas P. Lapeña Jr., incidentally the first president of NEU (then New Era Educational Institute and New Era College). He was also one of the NEU incorporators and a current member of the Board of Trustees. Justice Lapeña was succeeded by Atty. Abraham G. Espejo and was then bestowed the title Dean Emeritus of the College of Law.
In December 2014, Atty. Serafin ‘Boyet’ Cuevas Jr. was appointed and now the current Dean of the College of Law. He is also the current Vice-President for Academic Affairs of the New Era University.