INTI International University

INTI International University Grading System

INTI International University Grading System

INTI International University Grading System, The information provided below is INTI International University Grading System



All courses and assigned studies are graded on a 4.0 scale expressed according to the following letter



Explanation Grade Point
Per Credit Hour
Superior 4.00
Outstanding 4.00
Excellent 3.67
Very Good 3.33
Good 3.00
Above Average 2.67
Satisfactory 2.33
Average 2.00
Below Average 1.67
Poor 1.33
Inferior 1.00
Failed 0.00

I A temporary mark of “I” for Incomplete may be given to a student who has not completed
all course requirements, including the final examination due to unforeseen but fully
justifiable circumstances. If the student does not complete all the course requirements by
the 1st week of instruction after receiving the “I”, the “I” will be changed to “F”. When
a mark of “I” is changed to a final semester grade, this shall become the grade for the
semester in which the course was originally taken. Grade points and academic standing
are adjusted accordingly.
W Withdrawal. The letter “W” is entered in the student’s record when a student officially
drops a course by completing and s u b m i t t i n g an ADD/DROP form to the Office
of Admissions and Records after the second week but before the 12th week of the
semester with the instructor’s consent. The course will not be counted as work

R Repeating a course. A student may repeat any course in which a failing grade is
received and is only allowed to make a maximum of three attempts at a particular course
to achieve a grade of C. Students who already obtained a grade of C in a particular
course are not allowed to repeat that course. However, under extenuating
circumstances, the students may appeal in writing to the Vice-President for Academic
Affairs or Academic Dean, through the Director for the Center for American Education or
Head, for approval to repeat the course. The grade received in the last attempt will be
used to compute the CGPA. The letter “R” will appear on the transcript, beside the most
recent grade.

Instructors are responsible for the evaluation of an individual student’s academic performance and the
assignment of grades.
American Degree Transfer Program

The semester GPA is calculated by multiplying the credit hours for each course by the numerical value of
the grade points of the grades received to determine the total credit points earned. The total number of
credit points is then divided by the total number of credit hours completed. The following example
illustrates the computation of a semester’s GPA:
ENL 101
MAT 132
CSC 101
PSY 105
Credit Grade Grade Points Credit
3 B+ 3.33 9.99
4 A- 3.67 14.68
3 A 4.00 12.00
3 B- 2.67 8.01
Total 13 44.68
Credit Points = credit hours X grade points per credit hour
Semester GPA = total credit points ÷ total credit hours
= 44.68 ÷ 13
= 3.44


This figure is obtained by adding up all the credit points and then dividing the sum by the total number of
credit hours attempted in all the semesters.
Semester One
GPA = 3.44
Credit Hours Earned = 13
Total Credit Points = 44.68
Semester Two
GPA = 3.67
Credit Hours Earned = 12
Total Credit Points = 43.98
Cumulative Grade Point Average
= Total Credit Points ÷ Total Credit Hours earned
for two semesters from two semesters
= (44.68 + 43.98) ÷ (13 + 12)
= 88.66 ÷ 25
= 3.55
American Degree Transfer Program

At the end of the semester and on the basis of the performance of the student in the examinations, a
Grade Report is issued by the Examinations Centre / Office to show the credit hours and grades earned, the
semester GPA, CGPA and scholastic standing.

A. PRESIDENT’S LIST* • A student who has enrolled for at least 12 credit hours with no
repeated courses and obtained a semester GPA of 4.0 will be placed on the President’s List. It
indicates academic excellence. The achievement of President’s List status is recorded on the
student’s grade transcript. Parents of the student are also notified of this accomplishment.

B. DEAN’S LIST * • A student who has enrolled for at least 12 credit hours with no repeated
courses and obtained a semester GPA of 3.50 or higher will be placed on the Dean’s List. The
achievement of Dean’s List status is recorded on the student’s grade transcript.
*Results of Repeated Courses are not used for their calculations.

C. GOOD STANDING • A student is considered in good academic standing if his/her GPA for the
semester and CGPA is 2.00 or better.

D. ACADEMIC PROBATION • The College is concerned about students whose academic achievements
show that they are unable to meet the expectations of their instructors or that they are experiencing
other problems that may interfere with their studies. A probation action is an advisory warning that
16 a student should take measures to improve his/her academic achievement. A student is placed
on probation if the semester GPA and/or CGPA falls below 2.00 or a “C” average. The
probation status will be removed if the student raises his/her GPA and CGPA to 2.00 or better in the
following semester. While on probation, the student will not be allowed to take more than 4
courses for that semester. The College encourages students on probation to seek the assistance of
counselors and course instructors.

E. SUSPENSION • A student on probation will be suspended when he/she earns a semester GPA/
CGPA of less than 2.0.

F. DISMISSAL • A student is liable for dismissal :
(a) if he/she earns a semester GPA of less than 1.00 for any semester and has a CGPA of
less than 2.00.
(b) if he/she earns a semester GPA/CGPA of less than 2.0 upon return to the college after
an academic suspension.