Curtin University Sarawak

Curtin University Sarawak Courses

Curtin University Sarawak Courses

Curtin University Sarawak Courses, Curtin University, Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) is the largest international campus of Curtin University, a university based in Perth, Western Australia. It provides local and international students with higher education in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Curtin Malaysia is a partnership between Curtin University in Australia and the State Government of Sarawak. We offer students the unique opportunity to follow courses from a celebrated Australian university right in the heart of tropical East Malaysia. Our internationally recognized degrees are exactly the same as those awarded in Australia. The difference is our unique location on the west coast of Sarawak, with 187 000 hectares of coastal reef on our doorstep and the 140 million year old rain forests of Borneo in our backyard.

Courses and Study

There are many different course types and study areas at Curtin Malaysia. Whether you’re looking to study a three or four years bachelor degree or a semester-long graduate certificate, Curtin Malaysia offers you choices to suit your needs. Below you will find foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate course types, and the time it could take you to complete a programme when studying full-time.