Wawasan Open University Kuching Contact

By | April 24, 2018

Wawasan Open University Kuching Contact

Wawasan Open University Kuching Contact. For Wawasan Open University Kuching Contact,Check our the information provided below


Kuching     Regional Centre

Address: 14 Westin Avenue Jalan Tun Jugah, 93350 Kuching Sarawak.

Tel: 082-578 923 /

Fax: 082-576 923

Email: ro_kc@wou.edu.my

Wawasan Open University of Kuching Regional Office enhance the Quality and Quantity of the human capital particularly in Kuching City.  WOU Kuching aspires to create a vibrant learning community that inspires learning, support innovation and nurtures all-round personal growth. For that reason, WOU Kuching conduct public and in-house seminars for working adults at  introduce the participants to the opportunity to enhance their self-development through formal tertiary education.

Wawasan Open University is a unique education :
Wawasan Open University accepts those who has no sufficient academic qualification as long as the prospect students able to prove sufficient prior working experience. The mechanism and procedure of accepting of the new students are fully monitored by MQA .
Wawasan Open University is the first not-for-profit university and this manifested through a very competitive course and exam fees offered to the students


The Kuching Regional Office is currently undergoing renovations to be fully equipped with the necessary student support and resource facilities. The regional office will have a counselling area with open access to computers, as well as meeting and seminar rooms to better serve the students of the university.