UUM Obtains 4 Star In The 2016 MyRA

By | March 7, 2018

UUM Obtains 4 Star In The 2016 MyRA


UUM Obtains 4 Star In The 2016 MyRA



UUM Obtains 4 Star In The 2016 MyRA

The quality of postgraduate students of the University qualified UUM to achieve 4 Stars in the Malaysian Research Assessment (MyRA) for 2016.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dato’ Seri Dr. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak said, according to the review of the MyRA panel, UUM’s achievement in terms of quantity and postgraduate quality was outstanding.

However, the review also revealed that the proportion of PhD students graduating in the academic year was still low compared to the number of active academic staff.

“Nonetheless, large number of students enrolling in UUM have good entrance qualification with a CGPA of more than or equal to 3.0 or equivalent.

“This factor is one of the strengths of UUM which enables it to achieve 4 Stars in MyRA 2016,” he said.

UUM obtained the overall score after a site assessment of 60.68 per cent where Section D (Quantity and Postgraduate Quality) contributed to the score after the highest site assessment of 25.72 exceeded the benchmark given at 15.00.

Rating audits conducted last year was aimed at validating the data and evidence submitted by UUM in line with the requirements of the MyRA 1 Glossary.

Throughout the audit process, eight (8) components were evaluated by MyRA namely general information; quantity and quality of researcher; quantity and quality of research; quantity and quality of postgraduate; innovation; professional services and gifts; network and reach as well as support services.

The components were evaluated by a panel of auditors led by Dato Prof. Dr. Mohd Jamil Maah.

He said that throughout the audit exercise, UUM provided good cooperation, besides submitting the necessary evidence.

He said the data management of the University needed to be strengthened and efforts should be continued to further improve its MyRA performance in the future.