UUM Family Day Brings Relations Closer Whilst Increasing Work Performance

By | March 7, 2018

UUM Family Day Brings Relations Closer Whilst Increasing Work Performance


UUM Family Day Brings Relations Closer Whilst Increasing Work Performance


After a decade, the UUM Family Day 2018 was expected to be a platform to foster family ties amongst the University members of staff.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dato’ Seri Dr. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak said that such a programme would not only foster close relations, but would also be able to help improve the work performance of members of staff.

According to him, during the last gathering in the year 2005 only involved about 2,000 members of staff and the number has increased in recent years with new additions to the families as well.

Hence, he said, members of the campus community who worked as part of the UUM family need to know each other including their respective family members and colleagues.

“I do not want us to focus too much on work and not balance between family and career.

“These two things need balance and I want everyone at UUM to pay attention to family values despite being busy in order for the relations to stay sound,” he said at the 34th Foundation Day Celebration and UUM Family Day 2018 held at the Sports Centre today.

Various activities and competitions were organized throughout the Family Day which attracted entries from nearly 3,000 members of staff made up of both academic and administrative staff.

The event was made even livelier with lucky draws that offered a variety of attractive prizes including a sofa set worth MYR3, 000 as well as television sets and smartphones.

He also expressed hope that the Family Day celebration would be implemented every year either at the university level or at the centres of authority so family relations will remain in place.

Meanwhile, a fellow participant of the UUM Family Day 2018, Mdm. Shuhaida Mohd Said said that the programme was the best platform for family members to get to know each other and learn more of each other’s place of work.

She also reiterated that children could also make new friends, and have fun with the various events.

“Occasionally it will release stress when one joins a relaxing event here without having to think about work.

“I hope the programme will continue in the future with more exciting activities,” she said.