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By | February 21, 2018

Universiti Utara Malaysia Press

Universiti Utara Malaysia Press, the academic world encompasses the accumulation of knowledge and books. Research activities are important but without publishing their findings and sharing them with society, they are meaningless. Indeed, they will not benefit anyone. By appreciating the publishing initiative, we are in fact supporting an academic culture.
Thus, this Publishing Guide is intended to clarify further matters relating to publishing, particularly the policy and regulations of UUM Press, types of publications, publishing channels, guidelines on the preparation of manuscripts and useful references for authors. It also contains acts relating to the responsibilities of authors in the production of their works to ensure that their published works are free from copyright and plagiarism issues.
The regulations that are outlined here are as stipulated by the University Publication Committee and they are intended to expose authors to the correct guidelines, thereby facilitating the process of obtaining publishing approval and the publication process itself.
It is hoped that with the availability of this guide, which needs to be constantly updated, authors will be able to produce their writings and subsequently enrich academic publishing at Universiti Utara Malaysia in accordance with international standards and with the expert assistance of the UUM Press.

Vision, Mission & Slogan

To become a centre of excellence in scholarly publishing
Menjadi pusat penerbitan ilmiah yang cemerlang
To generate high quality scholarly publishing
Menjana penerbitan ilmiah yang berkualiti
Scholarly Publishing is Our Business
Penerbitan Ilmiah Keutamaan Kami


Objectives & Functions

i) To develop an efficient and excellent publication management system recognised by the international standards.
Membangunkan sistem pengurusan penerbitan yang cekap dan terbaik serta diakui piawai antarabangsa
ii) To manage and coordinate the publications of scholarly works in UUM with the IMPRINT of UUM Press to ensure that a high quality standard of publications set by the university and the industry is met.
Mengurus dan menyelaras penerbitan karya ilmiah di UUM dengan IMPRIN Penerbit UUM untuk memastikan bahawa piawai kualiti penerbitan yang ditetapkan oleh Universiti dan industri dipenuhi.
iii) To conduct writing and publication training programmes to help improve the university’s publication quality.
Menjalankan program latihan penulisan dan penerbitan untuk membantu meningkatkan kualiti penerbitan universiti.
iv) To offer printing services to clients according to the standard of quality specified.
 Menawarkan perkhidmatan percetakan kepada pelanggan sesuai dengan piawai dan kualiti yang ditetapkan.
i) To encourage scholars in the University to publish their scholarly work or teaching materials either in books, monographs or journals that meet publication standards.
Menggalakkan ahli akademik di Universiti untuk menerbitkan karya ilmiah atau bahan pengajaran mereka sama ada dalam bentuk buku, monograf atau jurnal yang memenuhi piawai penerbitan.
ii) To encourage writings and translations into Bahasa Malaysia that have academic values and are beneficial to be used as teaching materials.
Menggalakkan penulisan dan terjemahan ke dalam Bahasa Malaysia yang mengandungi nilai-nilai akademik dan bermanfaat untuk digunakan sebagai bahan pengajaran.
iii) To consider any works that can be published under the University’s IMPRINT.
Mempertimbangkan karya yang boleh diterbitkan di bawah IMPRIN Universiti.
iv) To print, distribute and sell any works that can be published under the University’s IMPRINT.
Mencetak, mengedar dan menjual karya yang boleh diterbitkan di bawah IMPRIN Universiti.
v) To have publication collaborations with Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka and other scholarly publishers outside UUM.
Menjalankan kerjasama penerbitan dengan Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka dan penerbit ilmiah lain di luar UUM.
vi) To coordinate every publication effort in the University that are funded either by the university’s financial source or other legitimate source.
Menyelaras segala usaha penerbitan di Universiti sama ada yang dibiayai oleh sumber kewangan Universiti atau sumber-sumber lain yang sah.
vii) To offer professional service to the customers in a flexible and economic way and systematically manage the service and publication process.
Menawarkan perkhidmatan profesional kepada pelanggan dengan cara yang fleksibel dan ekonomik serta menguruskan perkhidmatan dan proses penerbitan secara sistematik.