Universiti Utara Malaysia Law

By | February 20, 2018

Universiti Utara Malaysia Law

Universiti Utara Malaysia Law, the School of Law offers an undergraduate and post graduate law programme. The main objective of the programmes is to produce professionally well-trained, excellent and competent legal personnel who are committed in the legal profession in line with the national aspiration.
The programme aims to provide a fundamental legal knowledge and understanding of the features of the legal system and law of Malaysia together with other related disciplines. The programme develops students’ intellectual, excellent verbal, written and interpersonal skills, to enable them to be flexible and open minds, to allow them to have the ability to think logically, critically and analytically, as well as to facilitate them with a creative approach of problem solving.
Founded on the Eminent Management University’s theme, the programme is structured to include management courses making it special in its own way.

Dean’s Message


The establishment of the School of Law in Universiti Utara Malaysia aims to provide educational opportunities in the field of law for the market in the Northern region of Malaysia. We always strive to offer competitive programmes and produce capable and skilful students with high personality values and excellent soft skills.
It is not surprising that graduates from our programme are able to place themselves in the job market. The cooperation with law-related agencies and the industries has also contributed to provide the necessary input, opinions and advice, especially in terms of the programme structure, to ensure its relevance to the current market needs.
We would like to invite you to be part of us by participating in our programmes offered at either the undergraduate or the postgraduate level.


  • To established School of Law (SoL) as a renowned center of excellence in the fields of law.


  • To realize the charter and philosophy of the college as the center for academic excellence which produces human capital that uphold moral values.


  • To lead in disseminating knowledge through research in the fields of law.
  • To promote sustainable teaching and learning in the fields of law, at the Masters and Postgraduates level.
  • To disseminate the latest knowledge through publications, research and knowledge-generating activities.


  • To emphasize quality and innovation in the fields of law.
  • To honour the importance of producing exellent human capital, to be convinced of the idea that the intergrated nature of knowledge, unity of God (tauhid) and morality (akhlaq) benefits all stakeholders of the college and community.

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