Universiti Utara Malaysia Internship

By | February 20, 2018

Universiti Utara Malaysia Internship

Universiti Utara Malaysia Internship, this is an industrial training (known at UUM as practicum) aims to help students gain an insider’s view of a career field, support an organizations work function and help students get their foot in the door for a competitive job. This is a compulsory program acts as a graduation requirement for every students.

Dean’s Office

Name: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rusdi Omar
We at the office of Student Development and Alumni (PPA), College of Law, Government and International Studies (COLGIS) have been working closely with the student associations and clubs with the mission to assist UUM students in cultivating soft skills through their involvement in extra co-curricular activities. Among these soft skills include, but not limited to verbal and written communication, leadership qualities, critical thinking, entrepreneurship and team building. These skills would serve as a useful tool for enabling students to interact effectively with various agencies, both government and private sector, as well as non-governmental organizations and members of the community.
Emphasis will also be made on exploring and forging a close linkage between the industries and the courses that the students undertake, and equality important, maintaining a strong partnership and connection with the alumni.
We hope all the knowledge and soft skills that the students acquired throughout the course of their studies not only will be invaluable to them for their future profession, but also constitute an important element towards becoming great leaders and effective decision makers.
Finally, we urge all students to take full advantage of a wide range of facilities and services offered by the university in the hope that they would find them beneficial for their learning process.


The main function of the office of development and alumni students


To be a centre of excellence in student development and be an important component in achieving the university’s objective to be a management university and to produce students who are knowledgeable. Accomplished, possess exemplary behaviour, smart and intelligent.


To develop and expand the student development and service sector professionally, through high quality, efficient and effective structure, processes, systems and mechanisms.


To nurture student’s potential in mental, physical, and spiritual aspects through their curriculum and non-curriculum activities and programs.