Universiti Utara Malaysia Golf Club

Universiti Utara Malaysia Golf Club

Universiti Utara Malaysia Golf Club, Universiti Utara Malaysia National Golf Academy (UUMNGA) was established on 1st January 2012 following the grant of mandate by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) to Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) as a Center of Sports Excellence for Golf. In line with UUM’s Vision to be the Eminent Management University, UUMNGA have develop and operates a variety of management programs related to golf in line with its founding objectives.



           Since its establishment, UUMNGA have achieved numerous achievements not only at the national level but at the international level. In fact, these achievements and recognitions demonstrated that the efforts spent by UUMNGA in developing golf sports are successful and able to bring honor to the country at the international level, while at the same time enhance the image of UUM as the only university that has a golf academy.


           One of the achievements is the ascendance of UUMNGA’s golf athletes to world arena, to name a few like Muhammad Wafiyuddin bin Abdul Manaf and Hilferah Tan who has shown great potential at the international level by excelling in the world-renown tournaments and managed to display excellence golf play to be at par with the world professional golfers.


           In addition, UUMNGA also held a positive partnership and mobilization of manpower cooperation with the Malaysian Golf Association (MGA) in 2012 where MGA will share their knowledge and experience with UUMNGA in the technical, regulatory, professional coaching and psychological aspects related to the sport of golf improve the quality of the sport. This partnership could affect the sustainability of golf country and encourage a more organized talent development of the golfers under the tutoring of MGA.


           Recently, UUM have become the talk of the town when it emerged as the winner of the IPT Golf Championship 2015 held in May 2015 in which the UUMNGA’s golfers who represent UUM have shown an excellent performance by topping both men’s and women’s category.


           Aside from that, UUMNGA have also succeeded in its efforts to produce young talents who possessed great skills in the field of golf be recognized by the international arena and provide opportunities for these young players to pursue their academic studies to the highest level. Currently, there is a total of 40 students placed under the supervision of the Academy for the purpose of talent development and advancement.


           Therefore, there is no doubt that UUMNGA have the potential to become a dynamic center of development and strategic relationships on the national and international level with golf as the main focus in which UUMNGA plays a major role as the counselor and instructor to produce professional golfers under the academy and subsequently promotes the ability of the national golf industry to be at par with other countries.

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