Universiti Utara Malaysia In English

By | February 19, 2018

Universiti Utara Malaysia In English

Universiti Utara Malaysia In English, English is a program studied in the university Utara Malaysia and applicants who wants to further in English language and want to further it in the University Utara Malaysia should note the requirements.

Program Description

The English Programme at the Universiti Utara Malaysia College Arts & Sciences (UUM CAS) in Malaysia is an education programme for international candidates who have not demonstrated the accepted level of English proficiency required to enroll in one of the school’s education courses in English.
The English Programme is compulsory for students at UUM CAS who have failed the English Placement Test (ELPT); who have failed the ELPT but later proved acceptable TOEFL/ IELTS scores after ELPT; or who have failed to sit for the ELPT test on the correct date. The English Language Placement Test (ELPT) is a test required to assess the English language proficiency of international students.
Students who complete the English Programme at UUM CAS successfully are ready to continue their education at any of UUM CAS’ English-speaking education programmes.

Admission requirements

Requirements for students who would like to take the English Programme and sit in on the English Language Placement Test (ELPT) at the Universiti Utara Malaysia College Arts & Sciences (UUM CAS) in Malaysia

  1. proof of registration by showing the original letter of offer which is stamped  “REGISTERED” by the College; and
  2. international passport or smart card for identification purposes