Universiti Utara Malaysia Degree Programs

By | February 19, 2018

Universiti Utara Malaysia Degree Programs

Universiti Utara Malaysia Degree Programs, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), which was officially established on 16 February 1984, is the sixth Malaysian public university. It is the only university that was set up to specialise solely in management education from the very beginning of its establishment.
The planning of the construction of this sixth university began in August 1983 when the Ministry of Education Malaysia began to give form, in earnest, to the idea of setting up this university. On 19th October 1983, the Cabinet gave its official approval for this project in Kedah. At that time, the project was called “The Sixth University Project”. Several months later, the temporary office of the sixth university, officially named Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), was officially opened on 15th February 1984 in Jitra.
Four months after its official opening, the UUM office was relocated to its provisional campus – the Darul Aman Campus – in Jitra, in June 1984, when the first phase of the project had been completed. The relocation was carried out so as to be able to usher in the very first batch of students for the academic year which commenced in early June 1984. The Darul Aman Campus was on a 62-acre tract of land in Bandar Darulaman. It was 18 kms north of Alor Setar and 4.8 kms from Jitra.

Programmes Offered for Undergraduate (Local)

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UUM College of Business (UUM COB)
1         Bachelor of Accounting -B.Acct.(Hons)
2          Bachelor of Accounting (Information System)-B.Acct.(IS)(Hons)
3          Bachelor of Banking-B.Banking(Hons)
4          Bachelor of Business Administration-BBA(Hons)
5          Bachelor of Business Administration (Logistics & Transportation) -BBA(Log.&Tpt.)(Hons)
6          Bachelor of Science in Economics [( B.Sc. Economics) (Hons) ]
7          Bachelor of Entrepreneurship-B.Ent.(Hons)
8          Bachelor of Finance-B.Fin(Hons)
9          Bachelor of Human Resource Management-BHRM(Hons)
10        Bachelor of Islamic Finance and Banking-BIFB(Hons)
11        Bachelor of Marketing-B.Mktg.(Hons)
12        Bachelor of Muamalat Administration-BMA(Hons)
13        Bachelor of Operations Management-B.POM (Hons.)
14        Bachelor of Risk Management and Insurance-BRMI(Hons)
15        Bachelor of Sciences Agribusiness Management-B.Sc. AgriBus. Mgmt. (Hons)
16        Bachelor of Technology Management-B.Tech.Mgt.(Hons)

UUM College of Arts and Sciences (UUM CAS)1          Bachelor of Science with Honours (Business Mathematics)
2          Bachelor of Communication-B.Comm(Hons)
3          Bachelor of Counseling-B.Couns(Hons)
4          Bachelor of Science with Honours (Decision Science)
5          Bachelor of Education (Accountancy)-B.Ed.(Acct.)(Hons)
6          Bachelor of Education (Business Administration)-B.Ed.(BA)(Hons)
7          Bachelor of Education (Guidance & Counseling)-B.Ed.(Guidance & Counseling)(Hons)
8          Bachelor of Education (Information Technology)-B.Ed.(IT)(Hons)
9          Bachelor of Education (Moral Education)-B.Ed.(Moral Ed.)(Hons)
10        Bachelor of Science with Honours (Industrial Statistics)
11        Bachelor of Science with Honours (Information Technology)
12        Bachelor of Media Technology with Honours-B.Media Tech. (Hons.)
13        Bachelor of Science with Honours (Multimedia) B.Sc MM(Hons)
14        Bachelor of Social Work Management-B.Soc.Work Mgt.(Hons)
15        Bachelor of Creative Industry Management with Honours (BCIM)
UUM College of Law, Government and International Studies (UUM COLGIS)
1        Bachelor of Development Management-B.Dev.Mgt.(Hons)
2         Bachelor of Hospitality Management  -BHM(Hons)
3         Bachelor of International Affairs Management-B.Int.Aff.Mgt(Hons)
4         Bachelor of International Business Management-BIBM(Hons)
5         Bachelor of Law-LLB(Hons)
6         Bachelor of Public Management-BPM(Hons)
7         Bachelor of Tourism Management-BTM(Hons)
8         Bachelor of Philosophy, Law and Business with Honours (BPLB


Programmes Offered for Undergraduate (International)

At the moment, the University are offering 28 out of 39
programmes in English Languages as a medium of communications and examination purposes. Those programmes are as follows:
1. Bachelor of Science with Honour (Information Technology)
2. Bachelor of Science with Honour (Multimedia)
3. Bachelor of Science with Honours (Decision Science)
4. Bachelor of Science with Honours (Business Mathematics)
5. Bachelor of Science with Honours (Industrial Statistics)
6. Bachelor of Science in Economics with Honours
7. Bachelor of Finance with Honours
8. Bachelor of Sciences Agribusiness Management with Honours
9. Bachelor of Banking with Honours
10. Bachelor of Marketing with Honours
11. Bachelor of  Technology Management with Honours
12. Bachelor of Risk Management and Insurance with Honours
13. Bachelor of Business Administration (Logistic & Transportation) with Honours
14. Bachelor of Operations Management with Honours
15. Bachelor of Accounting with Honours
16. Bachelor of Accounting (Information System) with Honours
17. Bachelor of Islamic Finance and Banking with Honours
18. Bachelor of Tourism Management with Honours
19. Bachelor of Hospitality Management with Honours
20. Bachelor of International Business Management with Honours
21. Bachelor of International Affairs Management with Honours
22. Bachelor of Development Management with Honours
23. Bachelor of Entrepreneurship with Honours
24. Bachelor of Human Resource Management with Honours
25. Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours – BBA(Hons)
26. Bachelor of Media Technology with Honours – B.Media Tech. (Hons.)
27. Bachelor of Communication with Honours – B.Comm(Hons)
28. Bachelor of Public Management (Honours) – BPM (Hons.)
29. Bachelor of Law-LLB (Hons.)
Students have to sit for the English Language Placement Test before undergo the course registration session. Students also have to undergo the Intensive Malay Language (BLM 1010) concurrently with the programme majoring subjects. The classes will be conducted by the Language Centre (Pusat Bahasa) Students need to pass the Intensive Malay Language before ended their studies