Universiti Utara Malaysia College Of Arts And Sciences

By | February 21, 2018

Universiti Utara Malaysia College Of Arts And Sciences

Universiti Utara Malaysia College Of Arts And Sciences,  The Universiti Utara Malaysia College of Arts & Sciences (UUM CAS) is an excellent institution of higher education located in Malaysia and whose vision it is to be a centre of excellence and reference in the arts and sciences. Students enrolled in education programmes at the Universiti Utara Malaysia College of Arts & Sciences have the opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge in a wide array of academic specialties.
The Universiti Utara Malaysia College of Arts & Sciences aims to develop competent and committed graduates who work toward the improvement of the nation and humanity in general. The school offers a wide range of education programmes, including undergraduate, masters, and postgraduate certificates and diplomas of advanced study. UUM CAS’ various faculties offer a diverse mix of expertise in many fields through the following schools:

School of Computing (COMP)

UUM CAS’ School of Computing is the first of its kind in Malaysia and offers students undergraduate education programmes in information technology, focusing on one of four computing specialties: Networking, Information Management, Software Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence. Students enrolled in the School of Computing have unlimited opportunities to share and expand their knowledge and skills, and are involved in an increasing amount of research and development activity. Graduate studies lead to Masters and PhD degrees in a number of computing-related fields.

Education & Modern Languages

The school of Education & Modern Languages at the Universiti Utara Malaysia College of Arts & Sciences provides students, staff, and the UUM community with a unique opportunity to learn different languages and communication skills. The school prides itself on its state-of-the-art Language Centre, which was established in 2008 and provides education and modern language students with an education hub.

Multimedia Technology & Communication

Merging the three areas of Technology Media, Communication, and Multimedia, UUM CASMultimedia Technology & Communication school provides its students the highest quality of education in preparation for becoming leaders in this quickly-developing field. The school‘s nearly 80 faculty members include senior lecturers, visiting academics, and professors whose depth of experience and research interests guide students in solving the future technology and media problems of the community.

Quantitative Sciences

The school of Quantitative Sciences at UUM CAS implements its conductive teaching and learning environment through a dedicated, enthusiastic, experience staff of academics. Students are equipped with computational skills, logic analysis, critical thinking, and problem solving, preparing them for careers in education, finance, government agenices, industry, and private sectors. Work includes areas such as multi-criteria decision making, multivariate statistical analysis, combinatorics, and mathematical modeling.

Social Development

Students enrolled in UUM CASSocial Development school have the opportunity to earn a top-class degree through an excellent learning experience and teaching from the academic staff. These academics are experts in their field and blend together theories and practices so student gain the best overal exposure possible in their particular field of study.



Bachelor in Social Work Management (Honours) Sintok
Bachelor of Business Mathematics (Honours) Sintok
Bachelor of Communication (Honours) Sintok
Bachelor of Counselling (Honours) Sintok
Bachelor of Education – Accounting (Honours) Sintok
Bachelor of Education – Business Management (Honours) Sintok
Bachelor of Education – Information Technology (Honours) Sintok
Bachelor of Industrial Statistics (Honours) Sintok
Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) Sintok
Bachelor of Media Technology (Honours) Sintok
Bachelor of Multimedia (Honours) Sintok
Doctor of Philosophy Research Programme Sintok
English Programme Sintok
Master in Applied Linguistics Sintok
Master of Arts in Communication Sintok
Master of Arts in Contemporary Malay Language Studies Sintok
Master of Arts in Islamic Studies Sintok
Master of Arts in Psychology Sintok
Master of Arts in Social Work Sintok
Master of Education Sintok
Msc in Counseling Sintok
Msc in Educational Management Sintok
Msc in Information & Communication Technology Sintok
Msc in Information Technology Sintok
Msc in Intelligent System Sintok
Msc in Principalship Sintok
Msc in Technopreneurship Sintok
Msc of Decision Science Sintok
Msc of Managerial Communication Sintok
Msc of Mathematics Sintok
Msc of Statistics Sintok