Universiti Teknologi Mara Seremban 3

Universiti Teknologi Mara Seremban 3

Universiti Teknologi Mara Seremban 3, Seremban Minangkabau: Soghomban or Somban) is a town and the capital of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, located within Seremban District. The town’s administration is run by the Seremban Municipal Council. On 9 September 2009, Seremban was to be declared as a city, but it was later deferred due to technical reasons. However, the idea of granting city status has been brought up again and Seremban is expected to become a city in 2019.

UiTM Kampus Seremban 3 was built on January 19, 2011, on 38 acres of land in the Seremban 3 development area, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. This campus is the third branch campus for UiTM Negeri Sembilan. UiTM Seremban 3 was officially launched on January 18, 2014. With that, the opening of the campus will make Negeri Sembilan a competitive education hub and in line with the country’s progress towards achieving the 2020 vision. It will house 5000 students from 3 faculties, namely the Faculty of Administrative Science and Policy Studies, Faculty of Mathematical and Computer Sciences and Faculty of Sports and Recreational Science. About 50% of the total number of students, 2500 people will be provided with living facilities. This means that the rest of the 2500 people will stay off campus.


To make UiTM the premier University of scholar and academic excellence to lead bumiputera dynamics in all world-class professional fields to be a competitive, global and ethical graduates. Enhancing the knowledge and expertise of bumiputeras in all areas through the delivery of professional programs, research and community service engagement based on noble values ​​and professionalism ethics. Each individual is able to achieve excellence through the transfer of knowledge and the application of noble values ​​in order to become a professional graduates who are able to develop knowledge and develop self, society and country.

Administration Division

Administrative Division of UiTM Negeri Sembilan Branch Campus Seremban 3 is a division that manages human resource services. The number of staff at UiTM Kampus Seremban 3 is now 381. Management and support staff are 199 people while academic staff is 183 people including 6 study days.


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