Universiti Teknologi Mara Faculty Of Plantation And Agrotechnology

By | February 13, 2018

Universiti Teknologi Mara Faculty Of Plantation And Agrotechnology

Universiti Teknologi Mara Faculty Of Plantation And Agrotechnology, The Faculty of Plantation and Agrotechnology was established in 2010 in Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM). The mission of the faculty is to play the vital role of producing well-trained professionals in all areas of plantation and agriculture related industries at national and international levels.
The Diploma in Planting Industry Management (DPIM) program was the flagship when it was established in 1967 at Jalan Othman Campus, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. The faculty continues the legacy of offering the well-established DPIM program until today in Perlis, Pahang, Sabah, Sarawak, and Melaka campuses. During these 49 years of establishment, the program has produced over 7,000 graduates that have been well-received and recognised by private and public sectors. Some of them have become reputable leaders and captains of the plantation industry, and heads of government agencies.
The faculty is highly committed in disseminating, imparting and fostering intellectual development and research to meet the changing needs of the plantation and agriculture sectors. With this regard, numerous undergraduate and postgraduate programs have been offered in accordance with the government’s intention to produce professionals and entrepreneurs who are knowledgeable and highly skilled in the plantation, agriculture and agrotechnology sectors.

Dean’s Message

Thank you for your interest in the University Technology MARA Faculty of Plantation and Agrotechnology. At the faculty we run a wide range of quality academic programmes and our plantation programmes are well established and recognized worldwide because of the superior training and extensive education provided by the faculty. Currently we have six campuses running the academic programmes while the main campus at Shah Alam concentrates on the postgraduate and a few undergraduate programmes. These campuses offer excellent teaching and research facilities including well-equipped classroom, laboratories and vast tracts of agricultural land for the field work. Our programmes are industry driven and we have been successful in producing outstanding graduates to meet the manpower needs of the plantation and the agricultural sectors since 1965. Most of our programmes are strongly connected and engaged in partnership with the expertise from other faculties and industry. We are very responsive towards the needs of the students and the profession and we welcome positive contributions and suggestions from our alumni and employers for continuous improvement and exciting development. Please feel free to contact us at the faculty. We look forward to see you in our faculty soon.


To become a leading faculty in the field of Plantation Management and Agro-technology through teaching and learning, research and consultancy activities.
To strengthen academic excellence of international standing through teaching and learning, research and professional services to stimulate transformation in the plantation and the agricultural sectors.

  • To produce quality graduates who are competitive and capable of bringing about transformations in the plantation and agricultural sectors.
  • To become a centre of excellence and reference in the field of plantation management and agrotechnology.
  • To develop the areas of plantation and agro-technology in a more focused and detailed manner through the offering of new programmes to fulfill both present and future needs of the country.

Academic Programmes