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Universiti Sains Malaysia Zoology

Universiti Sains Malaysia Zoology

Universiti Sains Malaysia Zoology, below is the information on the Universiti Sains Malaysia Zoology.

This program offers specialized training in basic and applied Zoology with the aim of preparing graduates for careers in various fields of animal science. Students are exposed to various animal taxa and developmental relationships in form and function between the major groups of animal. Students are trained in the maintaining and using of equipment as well as culturing techniques for laboratory animals. In the final year, students have to sign for courses with emphasis on various groups of animals which are signifi cant in terms of their wide distribution in Malaysia. These courses are specially tailored to give students further and deeper understanding concerning the taxonomy, biology, ecology and reproduction as well as the economic importance of each taxon.
Graduate can seek employment in animal science related fields in veterinary sectors in government institution and private sectors as well as in education and research organizations.

Animal Biology

The animal biology programme offers postgraduate training that prepares students for careers in conservation, management, biomedical, academic and a variety of other professional opportunities. Students are trained to do original and significant research in zoological science, to develop a broad understanding of the zoological literature, and to provide experience and training in the presentation and publication of scientific findings. The School of Biological Sciences offers special opportunities for animal research in zoological sub disciplines.

In addition the broad range of biological sciences permit collaborative programmes in oceanography, wildlife and aquatic sciences. Some areas of study include wildlife ecology, water quality, habitat management, fishery science and conservation zoology. Postgraduate studies in wildlife and aquatic research are designed to provide training in ecological principles, field research technique, and the application of these tools for the management of all types of zoological resources. The School maintains modern research facilities (including molecular laboratories, specimen collections and a computer laboratory). The animal biology group consists of members with diverse approaches, expertise, and subject organisms. Specialties include behavioral studies, population ecology, ecological genetics, phylogenetic systematic and population genetics. The group emphasizes lower invertebrates (fish, amphibians) and insects (cockroaches, ants) although postgraduate student research often involves other groups of organisms.

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