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Universiti Sains Malaysia School Of Management

Universiti Sains Malaysia School Of Management, below is the information on the Universiti Sains Malaysia School Of Management.

Management studies have long been offered in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). Management courses were offered by the School of Social Sciences since the 70’s. Owing to its popularity, a Management major was introduced in 1978. Approximately 10 years later the Bachelor of Management degree was offered and that marked the start of a concerted effort to form a separate entity to run the management programmes. The dream was realised when the School of Management (SOM) was established on the 1st of December 1989 and SOM embarked on her illustrious journey offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.
Initially, the Bachelor of Management degree had five areas of specialization namely: Accounting; Finance; Marketing; Operations Management; and Organizational Behavior. At the time, SOM’s philosophy was to produce competent managers. Subsequently there was a growing need for the Accounting Programme coupled with the nation’s critical call for qualified accountants have persuaded SOM to offer the Bachelor of Accounting degree with effect from the 1999/2000 academic session. The entire curriculum for this degree was designed in close collaboration and consultation with the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) and many other professional accounting bodies.
The efforts of the entire SOM’s community were crowned with success when in 2003, the Ministry of Education bestowed the honour of being the best School of Business Management and Accounting in the country. This recognition was based on an academic audit undertaken by a few professors from a consortium of the Institutes of Higher Learning New Zealand in collaboration with a local audit firm, Atarik Kamil and Company. As quality education is SOM’s ultimate objective, various other professional bodies were invited to assess its curriculam and instructional strategies. These efforts culminated in the accreditation of the Accountancy Programme by the MIA in October 2000. Soon after that, other professional bodies (MICPA, ACCA, CIMA, and CPA Australia) followed suit.
Over the years, SOM has grown and transformed creatively since her inception. Most recent, SOM launched the International Business Programme, which became the sixth area of specialization for the Bachelor of Management degree. Providing excellent education is not confined to undergraduate programmes. SOM’s postgraduate programmes have continued to earn the reputation as a viable education path for mature students. The diversity of disciplines provide opportunities for students from different backgrounds to pursue their graduate studies notably the executives and managers working in the many multinationals in Penang and the Northern region. More importantly, the programmes are attracting candidates from all parts of the world such as the U.S.A, Middle East, China, Europe (Norway, Sweden, Finland), Canada, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh.
In addition, SOM has also made an impact in research and graduate education. Besides having their research published and cited in top-tier international journals, SOM’s faculty members are also invited as visiting professors to universities within the region and around the globe. In addition, some professors act as advisors and consultants to various bodies nationally and internationally.

Further, in her bid to be more appealing to the industry, SOM had initiated the Executive Development Programme (EDP), which is catered for the executives from both the public and private sectors. To date, SOM has conducted various executive training to such institutions as Siemens, Unico, PDC, Bank Rakyat, PNB, UDA, Pentex, Intel Penang and Dell Asia Pacific. With more than 6,000 of her graduates currently in the nation‘s workforce, SOM has nurtured strategic alliances with both the public and private enterprises such as UEM, FMM, and IBM. The latest collaboration is with Motorola.Such collaboration and participation are implemented through student practical training and the involvement of SOM’s faculty in research and consultancy work. Thus establishing niche expertise in various fields. As a consequence, SOM has been chosen by several foreign universities to host their international programmes.


  • 1975 – Minor In Management Introduced
  • 1978 – Major In Management Introduced
  • 1984 – Bachelor Of Management (Hons) Introduced
  • 1989 – School Of Management Established With 3 Major Offered I.E., Marketing, Finance & Accounting And Personnel
  • 1990 – Mba Was Launched
  • 1994 – Shifting Of School To New Premises
  • 1994 – Restructuring And Introducing Of New Majors I.E., Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Organizations & Human Resources And Operations Management
  • 1997 – Som’s Mba Programme Ranked Among The Top 25 In Asia Pacific By Asia Inc.
  • 1999 – Bachelor Of Accounting Introduced
  • 1999 – Doctor Of Business Administration (DBA) Was Launched
  • 2003 – Recognized As The Best School Of Business Management And Accounting In Malaysia By Ministry Of Education
  • 2007 – Commencement Of Advanced Management Centre (AMC)
  • 2007 – New Major Offered I.E., International Business
  • 2008 – Graduate School Of Business (GSB) Approved By Malaysian Ministry Of Education
  • 2008 – Establishment Of Graduate School Of Business
  • 2010 – Collaborations With Various International Universities Such As Kansas State University (KSU), University Of North Sumatera (USU), Hatyai University (HU), And Universitas Teknologi Yagyakarta.
  • 2010 – Collaborations With Various Organizations Such As Jabatan Penjara Malaysia, Dell, Sme Corporations, Icaew Sunway And Kolej Komuniti Bayan Baru
  • 2011 – Launching Of The Sustainable Leadership And Entrepreneurship Unit (UKKL)
  • 2013 – The Launching Of The Accounting Resource Centre, Sponsored By The Institute Of Chartered Accountants In England And Wales (ICAEW)
  • 2013 – 10th Asian Academy Of Management International Conference 2013
  • 2013 – Collaboration With The  Small And Medium Enterprises Corporation Malaysia (SME Corp)
  • 2013 – Collaboration With The Malaysian Green Technology Corporation

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