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Universiti Sains Malaysia Biotechnology

Universiti Sains Malaysia Biotechnology

Universiti Sains Malaysia Biotechnology,

Biotechnology, an area of applied biology, involves the practical application of cells or its components in manufacturing and service industries. Biotechnology is multidisciplinary, involving the integration of knowledge from microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, chemistry as well as chemical and process engineering. This programme aims to develop a strong understanding in cellular biology involving microbiology, biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology of biocatalysts: This will then be followed with discussion on modern approaches in the modifi cation of the characteristics of biocatalysts followed by product formation through fermentation and bioconversions. Aspects of cell culture techniques in plant and animal cells will also be discussed.

Graduate of Biotechnology programme enjoy a wide range of career opportunities in research and development sectors with government institutions and private companies such as in environmental, industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, agriculture, food processing and academic related to management or manipulations of microorganisms


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