Universiti Malaysia Sabah Gym

Universiti Malaysia Sabah Gym

Universiti Malaysia Sabah Gym,check out Universiti Malaysia Sabah Gym


  1. Gymnasium
  2. Personal Trainer
  3. Rehabilition
  4. Fitness Programmes
  5. Bicycle rent
  6. Shower & Toilet (FREE)


Membership 1 Month RM 40.00 RM 60.00 RM 80.00
3 Months RM 100.00 RM 160.00 RM 220.00
6 Months RM 200.00 RM 320.00 RM 450.00
1 Year RM 400.00 RM 600.00 RM 900.00
Daily Walk-In RM 3.00 RM 5.00 RM 7.00
Personal Trainer 1 session RM 10.00 RM 15.00 RM 30.00
10 sessions RM 200.00 RM 400.00 RM 400.00
Bicycle rent 1 hour RM 5.00


1.         Louis Muslin

Youth & Sports Officer                                 – Management, Training, Fitness



2.         Emmanuel Chok

Youth & Sports Assistant                              – Training, Fitness

(016 840 7234)




MONDAY – FRIDAY                          6.00 am – 10.00 pm

SATURDAY                                       4.00 pm – 7.00 pm



FRIDAY, 11 MARCH – Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) being an ecocampus university, continues to promote fitness and healthy lifestyle amongst its campus community.

In support of this, the Faculty of Psychology and Education (FPP) has turned part of its ground floor into a gymnasium (gym) complete with shower and toilets for its gym users and has been in operation since July 2013.

According to FPP Youth and Sports Officer, Eeza Zainal, the gym also offers other arrangements such as fitness programmes, rehabilitation programme, personal trainer and bicycles for rent.

“Our gym is open to students and staff including outsiders, with low chargeable rates,” she said, referring to the separate fees set for members and walk-in users of the gym, as well as the service of a personal trainer.


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