Universiti Malaysia Sabah Fakulti Perubatan

By | March 12, 2018

Universiti Malaysia Sabah Fakulti Perubatan

Universiti Malaysia Sabah Fakulti Perubatan,Check out Universiti Malaysia Sabah Fakulti Perubatan below


  1. Do you offer any internship programs?

Answer: Yes currently our Faculty of Medicine & Health Science, Universiti Malaysia Sabah offer two elective posting programme:

  1. Community Posting
  2. District Hospital Posting

2. Do you accept students from Cardiff University (UK)
Answer: Yes
3. Is it possible to do elective for 6 weeks?
Answer:Minimum time frame for conducting elective posting is 2 weeks and maximum is six weeks. We also can adjust the duration of our electives in accordance with the student’s requirements upon request.
4. I am very interested in opportunities like running outpatient clinics at towns or villages near UMS or mobile clinics and I would like to participate in such activities or would most of the activities take place within the hospitals/campus? If there are such doctors, would I be able to attach to them directly? I also enquire about the level of involvement medical students are allowed.
Answer:We can only offer clinical attachment at District Hospital Setting. We have community outreach programmes but not specifically on curative but more on health promotion activities. We have outpatient clinic in our Rural Education Centre which also serves as a training clinic for students. The International students would NOT be allowed to do procedures. We can adjust the duration of our electives in accordance with the student’s requirements upon request.
 5. Could you provide some details about the place of RMEC? I’m not too sure about the facilities available to students and mode of transport to district hospitals?
Answer:Rural Medical Education Center (RMEC) was built in Sikuati area and located about 180 km from main campus of Universiti Malaysia Sabah which was inaugurated by the Minister of Higher Education Malaysia, YB Dato Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin on 18 January 2009. Previously it was operated at shop lot in Sikuati town.
This centre has an area of 20 acres / 8.09371 hectare and made up of several building blocks which are equipped with facilities as needed especially for year 4 medical students and for staffs.
6. It is to seek information regarding the elective programs offering in the Teaching Hospital of UMS, Faculty of Medicine & Health Science. I would like to know if Teaching Hospital of UMS offers a full 7 to 9 Months internship program in the departments of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Gynecology, and Emergency Medicine. Kindly acknowledge me with the elective selections at the teaching
Answer:I’m sorry to inform that our School of Medicine do not offer any Clinical Elective Programme at the moment since we do not have teaching hospital building yet.
But we do offer International Elective Programme for Community Placement in Rural Sabah and International Elective Programme at Rural Medical Education Centre and District Hospital. You can refer to our brochure as attached or visit our website at
7. How to send you the supporting documents i.e via email or by post?
Answer:All original document must be submit either by hand (upon arrived) or post. You also need to make scan copy of all the documents and email it to the secretariat.
8. What type of health declaration required by you i.e Laboratory tests reports etc or any other (please specify)?
Answer:Only thing we need is a “FIT CERTIFICATE” certifying that the student is medically fit to undergo elective posting in a rural setting under tropical weather conditions. We need a fit certificate signed by the medical authority of your respective school.
At the present moment, additional immunizations other than Tuberculosis, measles, rubella and hepatitis B are not required. If there be an urgent need for additional immunization depending upon the unforeseeable circumstances & change in epidemiological situation, we will inform in advance.
The prevalence of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, & HIV are much/much lower than 1% of the patients.

Motto: ‘Evidence-Based Socially Driven Medical Education”
Universiti Malaysia Sabah, was founded with the singular determination to pursue excellence that encompasses all spheres of education including Medicine, to be recognized as a centre of excellence nationally and internationally.  To achieve such prestige, medical practitioners graduating from UMS should not only be equipped with the knowledge and skills in advanced technologies in their fields but also be conscious of the ever-changing needs and demands of the communities. Therefore, they must develop skills to acquire ongoing evidence-based medical education that is appropriate for the communities they serve.
Produce graduates who are highly skilled, responsible and have holistic approach to knowledge in the field of medicine and health sciences of the twenty- first century.
Produce professionals, scientists, leaders and pioneers in the field of medicine and health sciences with ethical and moral values to meet the needs of the public service, private sector and community.
Become a distinguished   faculty   in teaching   and learning medicine and health sciences, health services, research and innovation in the region.
The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences will strive to be innovative in achieving its vision through learning, research experiences, health services and community projects of high quality at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is committed to be the centre of assimilation and dissemination of knowledge along with discovery and innovation in the field of medicine and health sciences in Malaysia and the region. With outstanding faculty committed to producing high quality graduates; with moral and ethical values, being liberal and independent, global outlook, exhibiting camaraderie, being innovative and willing to provide professional service to mankind to improve their quality of lives.