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By | March 15, 2018

Universiti Malaysia Pahang

Universiti Malaysia Pahang,below is Universiti Malaysia Pahang
Welcome to Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) and thank you for visiting our website. It is with great pleasure that we present to you the key as well as detailed information on our university.
UMP aspires to be the leading provider of engineering and technology-based programmes and research outputs. We are committed, herein, to share with you the UMP campus experience you need that meets the purpose of your visit.
UMP is relatively a new university and it has been categorised as a focused university, among 19 other public universities in Malaysia. Our specialisations are in the fields of engineering, technology and industrial sciences. You will find that the courses the university offers are those that are in great demand by students in a fast developing country like Malaysia. More importantly, the teaching and learning approach that has been adopted by UMP is one that is highly student-centred and problem-based.
Students in UMP enjoy the use of state-of-the-art facilities that resemble those used in industries. Known for its “Teaching Factory” concept, our students are taught by experienced faculties in a learning environment that prepares them for the real-world.
UMP is currently operating in two campuses. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Electric and Electronics Engineering, and the Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering are located in a resort-like campus of Pekan. The rest of the faculties, academic centres and centres of excellence are operating in Gambang, a town strategically situated in the rapidly growing petrochemical and biotechnology hub. The two campuses are about 40 kilometres apart.
For potential scholars wishing to spend their time in UMP, we offer a very conducive environment for research, teaching and consultancies. Several visiting positions are available that suit your preference.
I would like to encourage you to spend some time in our website so that you will know us better. I sincerely hope that you will find our site useful, and if you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact anyone of us in the university.
UMP welcomes you!

Vision, Mission, Objectives, Philosophy & Core Values



A Distinguished Technological University.


We provide world class education, research and services in an ecosystem of creative and innovative engineering and technology to maximize human potential for societal good.


  1. To produce outstanding graduates by providing competitive engineering and technological programmes.
  2. To spearhead cutting edge industry-relevant research initiatives.
  3. To be a leading service provider to industries and community based on our niche and areas of expertise.
  4. To be recognized as an institution for excellent management and work culture.


Knowledge, a trust bestowed by Allah to man vicegerent on earth, is to be fully utilized. Emphasis is an applied knowledge guided by Islamic values to develop human capital towards universal harmony and prosperity.

Core Values

  • Strong bond with the creator..
  • Steadfast in upholding shared principles.
  • Creative in making wise decisions.
  • Resolute in facing challenges.
  • Proactive in taking actions.




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Lifelong Learning

  • Lifelong Learning Programmmes
  • Executive/Professional Diploma, Degree & Master
  • Hybrid/Short Courses
  • Entrepreneurship & Vocational Training

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Untuk makluman, Permohonan UPUOnline bagi sesi akademik 2018/ 2019 bagi lepasan SPM/setaraf
& STPM/setaraf akan dibuka mulai:
5 FEBUARI 2018
Jam 12.00 Tengah hari
10 APRIL 2018
Jam 11.59 Malam
Permohonan boleh dilakukan di portal rasmi UPU.
Pembelian nombor Unik ID boleh didapati di kaunter BSN seluruh Malaysia mulai 5 FEBUARI
2018 hingga 9 APRIL 2018
Untuk mendapatkan maklumat yang lebih lanjut sila hubungi kami di talian helpline (03) 8870 8200
atau boleh mengunjungi kaunter runding cara kami di Lobi KPT di Kementerian Pendidikan
Talian helpline UPU hanya beroperasi pada hari bekerja sahaja bermula dari jam 7.30 pagi – 5.30
petang atau melayari Portal Rasmi Bahagian Pengurusan Kemasukan Pelajar (UPU)
Jom ikuti kami di ;
INSTAGRAM @kemasukanbpkp
TWITTER @twt_upu


Contact Us

UMP Pekan

Universiti Malaysia Pahang
26600 Pekan Pahang
Tel: +609-4245000
Fax: +609-4245055
Email: pro[at]ump.edu.my

Gambang Campus

Universiti Malaysia Pahang
Lebuhraya Tun Razak
26300 GambangKuantan
Pahang Darul Makmur
Academic Management Division (BPA), Pekan Kampus
Tel :+609-4245252
Fax :+609-4245262
Academic Management Division (BPA), Gambang Kampus
Tel: +609-549 2550
Fax: +609-549 2555
Web: http://bpa.ump.edu.my
Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS)
Tel: +609-549 3197 / 3198
Fax: +609-549 3190
Email: ips[at]ump.edu.my
Web: http://ips.ump.edu.my
Lifelong Learning
UMP Advanced Education (UMP Advanced)
Tel: +609 549 3375 / 3376 / 3364
Fax: +609 549 3384
Email: info[at]ump-ae.com.my
Web: http://umpadvanced.ump.edu.my
Research & Innovation Department (JPNI)
Tel: +609-549 2656 / 2088
Fax: +609-549 3382
Email: research[at]ump.edu.my
Web: http://research.ump.edu.my
Industry Partnership & Community Relation Office (JJIM)
Tel: +609-549 2750
Email: jjim[at]ump.edu.my
Web: http://jjim.ump.edu.my
International Office (IO)
Tel: +609-549 2631
Fax: +609-549 2698
Email: io[at]ump.edu.my
Web: http://io.ump.edu.my
Students & Alumni
Student Affairs & Alumni Department (SAffAD)
Tel: +609-549 2545 (Gambang Campus)
Tel: +609-424 5727 (Pekan Campus)
Web: http://saffad.ump.edu.my
Unit PerolehanJabatan Bendahari
Tel: +609-5492064
Fax: +609–5492066
Web: http://bendahari.ump.edu.my
Website / Portal Security
Email: web.security[at]ump.edu.my