Universiti Malaysia Pahang Application

By | March 15, 2018

Universiti Malaysia Pahang Application

Universiti Malaysia Pahang Application,below is Universiti Malaysia Pahang Application
How should I apply for the postgraduate program in UMP?
You need to apply through online at IPS website  http://ips.ump.edu.my/
2. I have submitted my application to undertake postgraduate studies at UMP and received a letter indicating that I was unsuccessful. May I know the reason?
Your application had been evaluated by the IPS/Faculty concerned and the reason will be notified through your email. There are various reasons why an application is rejected.  For example: a program is highly competitive, lack of experience, does not meet the minimum requirement etc.
3. I have submitted my application to further my studies. When can I know the result?
It takes 2 months for an application of studies by research and coursework mode to be processed. Normally it will take a month for the faculty to process the applications, another month for verification and coordination before a decision is made.
4. What is the procedure for entry into the postgraduate degree program: application procedure, qualifications needed, work experience, payment of fees? Who can I name to be the Referee and how long does it take to process my application?
The entry requirements can be found from IPS website at http://ips.ump.edu.my/. The application processing fee is RM50/= for Malaysian applicants and USD30/= for international applicants and all processing fees are payable to Bendahari, Universiti Malaysia Pahang. The referees should be from an academic institution. The full process of an application takes about 2 months.
5. Does this mean that if an applicant fulfils all the entry requirements, he/she will be accepted to register as a graduate student?
Not necessarily so, for research programs, it depends on the availability of a qualified supervisor in the relevant area of specialization and for the Coursework Mode programs, a candidate should at least be in possession of a CGPA of 2.75 and above for courses with limited number and are highly sought.
6. I wish to enrol as a postgraduate student in UMP. May I know the programs of study offered?
UMP offers TWO modes of study: by Research Mode and Coursework Mode. These are offered in various disciplines on a full-time or part-time basis. For further details of courses, please visit IPS website at http://ips.ump.edu.my/ or the website of the related faculty.
7. I have sent in my application some time ago. What is the status of my application?
Once your application has been forwarded to the faculty concerned for consideration, and after the decision has been made, IPS will then inform the candidate in due course. Usually it will take a month for the faculty to process the applications, another month for verification and coordination before a decision is made.
8. Is it possible to register for two (2) postgraduate courses at any one time, that is, by research and the other by coursework?
No, the regulations do not permit a student to enrol for 2 courses of study concurrently in this University and neither can a student be registered at any other University whilst pursuing a course of study here.
9. I have difficulties in uploading my documents through online. Please help me on this matter.
Please browse through the guidelines at the IPS website under application form on “How to Apply” athttp://ips.ump.edu.my/index.php/application.html as it will guide you on uploading the documents.
10. I am currently studying for my Master’s degree at another University and now I wish to continue in UMP. Am I allowed and what is the procedure?
If you are currently registered as a research student in another University, you need to have the consent from your university or your supervisor in order to continue your work in UMP. This is to prevent any issues on IP or paten to arise later. Should you need to pursue your studies at UMP, you need to apply as a fresh candidate.
11. I have received the offer through email. What shall I do after this?
We will send the official offer letter and the attachment to the postal address given in the application form. Together with the offer letter, a few forms are attached and you are required to fill up the forms accordingly and send over to the respective recipients as stated in the forms.
12. Do you offer distance learning degrees?
Unfortunately, at the present time we do not offer the degrees via distance learning / online.
13. Can I start my degree in January?
All new research students are given until week 13 to register with the IPS effective from the registration date of every intake. For coursework students, they are given until week 2 to register with IPS. Students who register late for a course without reasons accepted by the University will be imposed a penalty. Kindly refer to your offer letter for the period of registration date.
14. Will my qualifications be suitable for postgraduate study?
For the Master’s Degree studies by research, a student must possess a Bachelor’s
Degree (Honors) with CPA of at least 2.75. For Doctor of Philosophy admission, a student must have a Master’s degree by research or Master’s Degree by coursework with CPA of at least 3.00.
15. Where can I find the application form?
You can find the application form on the homepage of IPS portal. Visit http://ips.ump.edu.my/ for further information.
16. What is the deadline for applying?
Application duration for international students is from 1 January to 1 June for 1st Semester Intake and from 1 July to 30 November for the 2nd Semester Intake. For local students, the application is ongoing throughout of year.
17. When is the deadline for the next intake?
All international students must apply at least 4-5 months before the intake date as the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) process takes up to 2 to 3 months.
Malaysian applicants must complete their registration at least 2 weeks before the in-take to allow enough time for their eligibility and Offer Letter processing.
18. What documents should I submit with my application?
     For Malaysian Applicants

  1. A full certified true copy of Bachelor/Master degree certificates and transcripts (attached English translation if transcripts are in a foreign language) in .doc or .docx or .pdf format.
  2. One (1) certified true copy of identity card (NRIC) – both sides
  3. One (1) passport-sized photograph with blue background (3.5cm wide x 5cm height) in .jpg or .png format.
  4. Research Proposal in .doc or .docx or .pdf format.
  5. Curriculum vitae / resume (optional) in .doc or .docx or .pdf format.
  6. Employer testimonial / Letters of recommendation either from the current/former employer and/or from a faculty member who is able to evaluate the applicant’s potential for success in the program in .pdf or .jpg format.
  7. Candidates who completed their degree in a language other than English may be required to submit evidence of English competency.
  8. Certified true copy of the letter of scholarship/sponsorship (if applicable).
  9. Other supporting certificates (compiled into one file) in .pdf format.
  10. A copy of the receipt after you have made the payment of RM25 processing fee for local Malaysian applicants. Kindly click here for the method of payment.

    For International Applicants

  1. A full copy of academic certificates and transcripts (CERTIFIED TRUE COPY BY UNIVERSITY AND EMBASSY/MINISTRY OF HIGHER EDUCATION)
  2. A full copy of the original passport including BLANK pages (CERTIFIED TRUE COPY) and ensure that the passport has a minimum of one (1) year validity.
  3. One (1) passport-sized photograph with blue background (3.5cm wide x 5cm height) in .jpg or .png format.
  4. Research Proposal in .doc or .docx or .pdf format.
  5. Curriculum vitae / resume (optional) in .doc or .docx or .pdf format.
  6. Employer testimonial / Letters of Recommendation either from the current/former employer and/or from a faculty member who is able to evaluate the applicant’s potential for success in the program in .pdf or .jpg format.
  7. English qualification certificate such as IELTS Band 5.0, TOEFL IBT – 60, TOEFL PBT– 500, TOEFL CBT – 173.
  8. Certified true copy of the letter of scholarship/sponsorship (if applicable).
  9. Other supporting certificates (compiled into one file) in .pdf format.
  10. A copy of the receipt after making the payment of non-refundable processing fees of USD30.00 or RM100.00 for International applicants. Kindly click here for the method of payment.

19. How do I send in my results?
All documents including the results must be uploaded in the application form. We will not accept any documents that are sent manually.



20.  My offer letter says I need to provide verification of my results. What does this mean?
We will often request officially verified copies of your qualifications, either as part of your offer or to verify previous studies which you have stated on your application form. We require photocopies to be validated by a recognised authority. Photocopies of your certificates/results slips must meet the following four conditions:

  1. Each page must be originally signed by your head department/faculty/registrar or other top authority from your school, or by a British Council official. Please note that we can only accept handwritten signatures.
  2. The signatory must also print their name.
  3. The signatory must also include their job title.
  4. Each page must also contain the original school or British Council stamp (not photocopied).

21. What happen if I miss the condition of my offer?
If you don’t accept the offer by the deadline, your offer will lapse and you must re-apply for admission.
22. My offer letter says I need to provide academic references. What does this mean?
An academic referee is an academic who knows you and your work who writes a letter of reference and recommendation for you. Usually it’s one of your lecturers from a previous university/school.
23. What is the difference between taught courses and research courses?
Taught courses usually consist of a number of modules and units, which are assessed by a mixture of continuous assessment and exams. There will be a set amount of contact time with the course providers, which will take the form of seminars, tutorials, lectures and one to one contact with a member of the department. The final assessment for a Master degree is often based on the submission of a dissertation.
Research degrees are usually assessed entirely by a piece of individual research and an oral defence of the work in front of an examining board. They can generally be divided into Master degree and Doctorates. The research Master degree for example usually lasts for two years and requires the student to produce research papers. For both Master by research and Doctorate, your supervisor is responsible for guiding the direction of your research, and for ensuring that you are on schedule.
24. What grades do I need to gain entry into a Master program?
For Master degree studies by research, a student must possess a Bachelor’s
Degree (Honours) with CPA of at least 2.75/4.00.
For Master Degree Program by Coursework, a student must possess a Bachelor’s degree with minimum CPA of 2.50 or equivalent, as accepted by the University Senate.
25. How and when should I apply? Is there a deadline?
You may fill up the online application form from the website and upload all the required documents online.
For taught courses and mixed mode (taught course and research) program for the September intake, you can start applying from January until June, while for the February intake you can start applying from July to November. For full research program, application is open throughout the year.
26. How do I request references from my referees?
You should always notify someone that you have put them forward as a reference for an application to anything. To get a referee, all you have to do is ask for their permission and their contact details. When someone agrees to be your referee, it means that they’ll let you pass on their contact details for your application. They should be ready and willing to answer a phone call or email to provide information that complements your studies application.
You may refer these requirements as your guide:

  1. They must have known you for a substantial period of time (at least 2 years)
  2. They must have known you as part of a professional or educational relationship
  3. They themselves must be a professional of some kind, such as a doctor or policeman
  4. They must have citizenship in the country.

27. Do I need to send in the transcript from all my universities – or just my last one?
One (1) academic transcript (and English translation, if required) from each institution you attended should be uploaded on one of the “Transcript Upload” pages as part of your online application. The baccalaureate or equivalent transcript should clearly indicate conferral of your undergraduate degree. If you are currently completing your baccalaureate, you should upload a transcript showing your academic record through your most current term of study.
The transcript you scan and upload must be a document that was produced by the registrar. The documents must include one or more of the following features: the registrar’s signature, the registrar’s seal, an institutional watermark, or it must be printed on official institutional paper.
If uploaded, you should NOT send official copies of your transcripts to us at this time. If you are offered admission, you will be required to provide official transcripts during the registration.
28. What are transcripts?
A transcript is an official copy of a student’s academic record. It records all courses successfully and unsuccessfully completed and all courses that were withdrawn after the registration deadline. You should use an Official Transcript if you need to provide evidence of your academic record to another educational institution, for employment or to apply for scholarships or bursaries.
29. What do I do if I have a complaint about the admission process?
You can call us at 09-5493197, email at ips@ump.edu.my, write to us, or come and see us at our office.
30. I have been told that the program is full and cannot consider my application. Is this a rejection?
The approval of programs is directly from the faculty. You may contact the faculty to get the confirmation of status. If you are not successful in gaining a place in your preferred course, you will be asked to provide a new application for admission with updated information.
31. How do I know that my application has successfully been submitted?
Once you submit your complete online application, you will receive an email confirming your submission.
32. How long is the validity of offer letter?
The offer letter will be valid for 1 year or 12 months effective from the date offered. You also may refer the date of registration on your offer letter. The off­er will be revoked if the student failed to register without any plausible reason accepted by the University.
33. I am facing a login error in my student portal. I have tried all the suggested options but it still appears. What should I do?
Try to access the portal by using Mozilla browser. If you’re still facing a login error, please send us an enquiry including your full name and ID number. We will double-check and inform you on the further steps.
34. Can I visit Universiti Malaysia Pahang before applying?
Yes. Please send us an enquiry so we can arrange an appointment with our representative.
35. How many credit hours will be in my program?
The number depends on the program (only for coursework). Generally, for postgraduate, it is minimum of 40 credit hours. You may refer to our list of coursework programs or please send us an enquiry for more details.
36. Who can I contact if I have questions about my application?

  1. If you applied through our website using the online registration system, send us an online enquiry.
  2. Or you can directly contact with the university’s postgraduate admission unit. Please call them at +609-5493198 (UTC+08:00 Monday-Friday, 9:00AM-5:00PM).

37. How do I start looking for a supervisor for postgraduate program by research?

Try to look up for prospective supervisors in the Research fields or Expert areas, under the “Expert Directory”. The sub-menus are a list of Faculty or Schools. Select the relevant faculty. This will give you a list of prospective supervisors. Find on the name or search for expertise that you are looking for. Then contact with the supervisor and once the potential supervisor agrees to supervise your research project, you can proceed to prepare application documents for submission.
38. Is there any age restriction to apply for the postgraduate program?
There is no age limitation to apply for our postgraduate programs. Our existing range of postgraduate programs offers a wealth of possibilities for those interested in finding a program that will closely match their individual needs.