Universiti Malaysia Kelantan Veterinary Medicine

By | March 15, 2018

Universiti Malaysia Kelantan Veterinary Medicine

Universiti Malaysia Kelantan Veterinary Medicine, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at UMK was established in June 2009 with the first intake of students in July 2009. Since then, FPV was in the hands of very capable leader and staffs. A lot of progress and achievements have been made: Klinik Veterinar UMK, accreditation of the first and second batch of veterinary graduates by the Malaysian Veterinary Council (MVC), registration of the first and second batch in MVC and graduating the first and second batch in November 2014 and 2015 respectively.


DSC_0286 (Large)The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is the fourth faculty established in Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK). The establishment of this faculty is parallel to the Ninth Malaysia Plan and the First and Second National Agriculture Policy (DPN2: 1992 – 2010) – placing focus on the well-keeping of livestock health and the development of the livestock industry with the purpose of exploiting agriculture in generating a healthy national economy. This is in line with the National Biotechnology Policy based on the nine trusts where all are associated with the generation of industry and product commercialization based on agriculture and improvement of food production.
Livestock is being that is integral to the lives of humanity. The success of humankind is dependent on the well-being of livestock. Hence, it is the responsibility of humankind to ensure that there is a good balance and synergy between humanity and livestock. One of the most important fields in veterinary medicine is the well keeping of livestock and medical research. Many successful research efforts have found beneficial solutions to humankind and most importantly – these discoveries have been unveiled through research in veterinary medicine.
The responsibility of a veterinary doctor is not only limited to the well keeping of livestock; instead they also serve importance in the establishment of public health standards and the national food safety policy. These responsibilities are closely connected to the health of humanity.
DSC_0383 (Custom)Owing to the diversity of this role and the importance of the medical veterinary profession, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) have taken a strategic leap to offer the Veterinary Medicine Programme – and this has been launched starting from the 2009/2010 Academic Session. This drive is also parallel to the function of UMK as a hub for the East Coast Economic Region (ECER) – especially in the field of education. The establishment of this programme is also relevant to the development of the ECER programme in the livestock sector, particularly in the effort of increasing beef, mutton and poultry produce via technology.



We aspire to be a highly reputable faculty in Veterinary Education



  1. Provide experiential learning using innovative veterinary education)
  2. Engage in scholarly activities
  3. Provide professional services to community
  4. Improve animal, human and environmental health and well-being



  1. To produce globally competent and entrepreneurial veterinary graduates
  2. To produce innovative scientists rigorously engage in scholarly activities
  3. To provide quality professional veterinary services and outreach
  4. To provide lifelong learning activities for continuous professional development
  5. To ractise effective governance system



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