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Sunway University Graduation 2017

Sunway University Graduation 2017

The following are the dates and times for the Sunway University Graduation 2017Sunway University Graduation is the foremost annual event of the University.The following are the dates and times for the Sunway University Graduation 2017. Sunway University Graduation is the foremost annual event of the University. This event celebrates the achievement, dedication and effort of our staff as well as our students, who will move into the next level of their career advancements as high-calibre graduates.

Graduation 2017

Date (attended by)

  1. 20 January 2017 (attended by graduands from the July 2016 exam cycle)
  2. 28 July 2017 (attended by graduands from the December 2016 and March 2017 exam cycle)

Schedule of Activities

Date Activity Description/ Action
Early June Launch of Graduation website Graduating students/graduands are advised to check the Graduation website for information on the schedule and details.
June - July Update particulars and postal address, indicate attendance and check outstanding fees/fines online Graduands are required to access iZone to check their particulars and postal address for the mailing of guest tickets. Graduands with outstanding fees as at end July may face a delay in the process. Graduands are strongly advised to check for any outstanding fees and to settle the payment as soon as possible.
July Issuance of invitation letter to graduands Schools will send invitation letters to graduands. Graduands are advised to check their iMail email account for announcements. Each graduand may purchase up to 2 guest tickets and make request through the reply form.
October Collection of graduation robe and self photo session Graduands can obtain their graduation robes a week before or on the Graduation Day. Graduands are strongly encouraged to obtain their graduation robes and have their photos taken before the Graduation Day.
October Graduation Ceremony Graduands to attend ceremony and receive their certificates and transcripts. In addition, graduands can look forward to:

  • receiving their alumni welcome letters
  • purchasing gifts from Sunway Originals
  • finding out more information about higher degree programmes
October Return of graduation robe Graduands must return their graduation robes at the end of the Graduation Ceremony.


For more information, please contact

Graduation: Staff

Please use the details below to get in touch with us.

Ms Chin Pek Yuen
Executive – Administration

Tel: +603 7491 8622 (ext. 8123)