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Segi University Price

Segi University Price

Segi University Price. For Segi University Price, Check out the information provided below


Segi University Malaysia Accommodation at Putra Suria Apartment
Type of Room Price Per Month Details Utilities
Small Room  RM 420 1 Student in room RM 200
Middle Room RM 470 1 Student in room RM 200
Master Room RM 350 2 Student in room RM 100
Segi University Malaysia Accommodation at Cengal Condominium
Small Room RM 420 1 Student in room RM 100
Middle Room RM 300 2 Student in room RM 100
Master Room RM 350 2 Student in room RM 100


Price: All prices are in Malaysian Ringit per month one student and its depending on the room size and facilities provided. The rooms are lent to students on single or twin sharing basis. Upon check-in to the accommodation students are required to pay 2-month deposit and 1-month rental with respective cover charges.

Deposit: Deposit for each type of accommodation is 2 times of rental, for example, if your rental is RM 500 per month, your deposit will be RM 1000 which is refundable when you want to vacate the room or apartment..