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Looking for a Business Course in Malaysia?
Since 1977, SEGi has been we recognised for its well-established business and accounting school. The faculty of Business and Accountancy at SEGi takes pride in offering quality education with industry-driven and advanced programmes that are relevant to the ever- expanding business sector. We are dedicated in grooming aspiring business experts through the introduction of real-world programmes that are crafted through the integration of industry practices.

Business Accounting Starts in the Classroom 
At SEGi, you will be exposed to a variety of learning modes which include seminars, lectures, presentations, workshops, and practical sessions in real life scenarios. We believe that exemplary academics and industry leaders in our community can help inspire our students, and this is why these individuals serve as academic advisors, examiners, moderators, and lecturers at SEGi.

Our programme is developed through collaborations with industry experts to provide students with effective problem-solving and critical thinking skills that are applicable in real life scenarios. You will be groomed into becoming a top leader through this experience.

Course Overview
A Degree in Business and Accounting will provide you with a solid grasp of a wide range of business and accounting principles. You will be taught in the fields of management, accounting, finance, economics, and business.

Due to the multiple scopes of our programme, you will also have the chance to tackle a selection of modules, which include different choices for a final year business assignment; each designed to sharpen your business research skills. Upon completion of your course, you will be well equipped with a portfolio of personal and applicable skills that will enable you to thrive in business, accounting, and finance in both private and public sectors.

We also offer partner degree and homegrown double degree programmes!

Pursuing an Accounting course in Malaysia
Acquire technical accounting know-how and develop business-specific skills that employers desire. The online business accounting degree is suited for those who want to transfer college credits, change their accounting major to another course, or supplement technical training with a degree in business.

The business and accounting degree curriculum will provide you with a combination of accounting and general business syllabus of study. Courses are briefed by lecturers with professional accreditation and first-hand experience in accounting, taxation, business, and fraud resolution.

Be exempted from professional accounting exams
Upon completing this course, you will be granted exemptions from professional accountancy examinations through an application with the National Accounting Association. Exemptions differ depending on the syllabus taken through the programme and marks achieved.

Common Misconceptions about Business & Accounting There are various misconceptions and false beliefs that people have about business and accounting degrees and the types of students who enrol in them. The following are five common thoughts that people often have:

1. “You are probably not sure what you want to do with your life.”
While business and accounting degrees are very flexible in the sense that they can be applied across various career paths, one should not categorise each student as indecisive. Students will pick up skills in marketing, finance, accounting, along with the tools commonly used in each specialisation. This can help you venture into multiple career paths or enable you to zone in on your desired field in the future.

2. “Have fun being bounded in a cubicle!”
It is a common misconception that you would be stuck in an unglamorous 9-to- 5 office job but this isn’t true. If you really know what you want, business & accounting degrees are highly versatile, enabling you to delve in a variety of careers. Rather than being bounded, the plethora of different career choices give you the freedom to work to your strengths.

3. “So you want to start your own business?”
While some students may have dreams of making a tonne of money as the CEO of a renowned company, not everyone shares the same aspirations. Some students are more keen in marketing roles, managing a company’s finances, or something else altogether. Just because you study business & accounting, it doesn’t mean that you are stuck in a linear career trajectory.

4. “You will be caught in a web of competition.”
With the popularity of business & accounting as a major, it brings about an increase in competition. With so many graduates competing for limited roles at lucrative firms, you shouldn’t feel discouraged at what some people may tell you. But rather, by sticking to your strengths and using competition as a motivational tool, you can go places.

A Career in Business & Accounting
A degree in business and accountancy from SEGi provides you with a range of skillsets which include teamwork strategies, analytical problem solving, research skills, and effective communication of information. Graduates from a business and accounting degree typically explore into careers in accounting, economics, actuarial science, marketing, insurance, banking, finance, or management roles in both commercial and public sectors. Your prospects of securing a job upon graduating will be plentiful as many recruiters in these sectors go on to hire our students. Alternatively, some of our students go on to pursue a greater level of business understanding by enrolling in a Master’s degree which is also offered right here at SEGi