Rules And Regulations Of Limkokwing University Of Creative Technology

By | May 8, 2018

Rules And Regulations Of Limkokwing University Of Creative Technology

Rules And Regulations Of Limkokwing University Of Creative Technology, The information provided below are Rules And Regulations Of Limkokwing University Of Creative Technology


  • Open Shelf Collection
    Open shelf collection is a collection of library materials that can be checked out from the Library. The open collection consists of academic and general books in various subject areas. This forms the General Collection.
  • Redspot Collection
    Heavily used books. This is the Short Loan Collection, indicated by a Red Spot on the spine. These books can be borrowed for very limited periods.
  • Reference Collection
    Reference Collection includes Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Almanacs, Biographies, etc. Subject Reference is made up of very expensive subject specific books. Reference books are indicated by a Yellow Spot on the spine and cannot be borrowed overnight.
  • Malaysiana Collection
    Books on Malaysia or in Bahasa Malaysia. These books distinguished by a Green Spot on the spine. These are generally available for loan.
  • Fiction & Light Reading
    These books have a Blue Spot on their spine. These can be borrowed.
  • Periodicals Collection
    Periodicals collection refers to print journals and magazines subscribed by the Library. Some of the journals and magazines include Harvard Business Review, Readers’ Digest, etc. These are non-circulating items, which can only be used within the library. These items may be requested from the library staff on duty at the Circulation Counter.
  • Multimedia Collection
    Multimedia collection includes DVDs and CDs. These items may be obtained from the Circulation Counter. These books can be borrowed for limited periods.


  1. General
    • Throughout the library Rules and Regulation the term ‘book’ is deemed to included any information resources owned, held or licensed by the library. The term ‘services’ incudes any system by which the library provided access to information, within a library building or remotely
    • Articles left in the reading areas at closing time will be cleared away.
    • Notices must not be displayed or distributed by readers in any part of the Library except by or with the permission of the Librarian, nor may readers offer anything for sale in the library.
    • Whenever a fire alarm sounds all readers must vacate the library immediately.
    • All members of library staff are empowered to enforce library Rules and Regulation
    • Animals may not be brought into the library.
  2. Entry
    • Student ID cards are compulsory for admission into the Library and this Card must be produced whenever requested to do so by Library staff.
    • Students with outstanding are not eligible to renew the Library membership until the outstanding is clear.
  3. Personal Belongings
    • All Library users are required to deposit their personal belongings at the Library Baggage Room before entering the Library.
    • The University accepts no responsibility for personal belongings left in the library.
  4. Prohibited items
    • Students are not allowed to bring fire armed, cutters, scissors, adhesive material, glue, files, box files, bags, stationary cases, models, etc. into the Library. Such items will be confiscated.


  • Library users should be decently attired.
  • Smoking, eating, drinking and the use of hand-phones are strictly prohibited in the Library.
  • Library users must not deface or damage any Library book or property.
  • Library users must observe strict silence in all areas of the Library except in the Group Study Area and the Discussion Room.
  • Library users are not allowed to change the position of chairs and tables.
  • Students are not permitted to work with models inside the Library.
  • No book may be removed from the library unless all library issue procedures have been completed. The University Librarian will have discretion to restrict the circulation of any book at any time.
  • Library users must adhere to the Rules and Regulations lay down by the Library.
  • Those breaking any Library Rules and Regulations will be asked to leave the Library immediately.
  1. Stealing Material
    • Any attempt to steal Library properties is a serious offence and will result in disciplinary procedures and other appropriate actions.

Usage of Material and Facilities

  • Library users who are given permission to use library equipment such as computers, scanner, printers, photocopier, and sound, video and DVD equipment are responsible for any damage other than fair wear and tear.
  • Copying, recording or downloading from materials or services supplied by the library must comply with the terms of current Malaysian copyright laws and with any University licenses governing the use of such materials and services. Such copies, recordings or downloaded files must not be made unless any appropriate library forms or agreements have been completed and signed by the library user. The Librarian has the right to refuse or withdraw copying privileges and to suspend access to any services where he has reason to believe that a breach of copyright or license conditions has taken place or is likely to take place.
  • The reservation of seats in the reading areas is not permitted. The library staff may remove books and other articles left for any length of time on chairs and tables.
  1. Collection
    • Library users must place all books on trolleys after use.
    • Library users must return Newspapers and Magazines to their respective stands/shelves immediately after use.
    • Users wanting to borrow CDs must enquire at the Library Counter.
  2. Computers
    • Computers in the E-Library should be used for surfing the Internet for academic purposes only.
    • Students are required to use their own Username and Password as provided. Do not install or uninstall any programs in the computer.
    • Computing equipment in the University library must not be used for the creation, display, importation, circulation or storage of offensive material.
  3. Photocopiers
    • Photocopying and printing facilities are available in the Library. In photocopying material, students must adhere to Copyright Laws.
    • Students are required to use Student ID for photocopying and printing. Before using Student ID card, please make sure you have sufficient credit on your card. For top-up, please go to LUCT 10Ten or Makanlah.


  1. Library Orientation
    • In order to use the resources in the Library effectively, all students are urged to attend Library Orientation briefing organized by the Faculties. However, students wanting any information or needing assistance can approach the staff at the Library counter at any time.
  2. OPAC
    • Users must use Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) to search for books and to keep track of their individual loans. They can also search for books using the Web Catalogue. Those needing assistance should ask the Library staff.
  3. Online Searching
    • Library users whom require the assistance in searching online databases should attend the training sessions listed below.

Training Sessions

Searching Ebrary database
Searching EBSCO databases
Searching General OneFile database
Searching Emerald database
Searching IEEE database
Students can book these Training Sessions individually, in groups of 3 or through their respective lecturers. However, they must register at the Library Counter two days in advance.

Loans Policy and Procedures

Borrowers must present their Student ID cards or Staff Cards for borrowing books. Using another person’s card is strictly prohibited.
Borrowers will be suspended from all borrowing till all outstanding are settled.
The Borrower must replace lost and damaged books.

    1. Borrowing Privileges
      Patron Total No. of Loans Loan Period
      Open Self Books Red Spot Books Reference Books Bound Journal
      All Students 5 14 days 3 days 4 hours 3 days
      Postgraduate Students 10 30 days 3 days 4 hours 7 days
      All Staffs 10 30 days 3 days 4 hours 7 days
  1. Borrowing Procedure
    • Loans
      Borrowers must present their individual Student ID Card or Staff Card together with the book(s) they wish to borrow at the Library Counter.
      Borrowers are advised to check Due Date and condition of book (damages, if any) before leaving the Counter.
    • Returns
      Borrowers when returning books must ensure that all books are checked in before leaving the Counter.
      All books must be returned within the stipulated Time/Date. Failure to do so will result in a Fine and suspension of the student.
    • Reservation
      Students can reserve books, which are out on loan.


  1. Overdue Fines
    Open Shelf Books – MYR 1.00 per day
    Red Spot Books – MYR 1.00 per hour
    Reference Books – MYR 10.00 per hour
    Bound Journals – MYR 10.00 per hour

    • Re-loan on the same materials will only be allowed maximum up to three times.
    • All fines will be posted to student’s account statement and must be settled immediately at Bursary department.
    • Fines will remain active for the whole time that a student studies or a staff member is employed at the University.
    • The Library charges fines on overdue items, to encourage users to return items on time.
    • If the item is overdue because of medical leave, please present a medical certificate to qualify for exemption.
    • Library users who do not pay fines or do not return long overdue items may be suspended. Suspension will prevent the using of LUCT online services, re-enrolling, and accessing results and graduating.
    • Payment can be made at Bursary Department (Mon to Fri – 8.30am to 6pm / Sat – 8.30pm to 1pm)
  2. How to avoid fines:
    • Borrow items yourself and check due date/s inside book cover
    • Return or renew items to Library before the due date
    • Monitor your email as an email alert will be sent regarding the due date(s) for the unreturned item(s).
  3. Loss and Loss Fine
    • The Borrower must notify the Officer at the Counter before the Due Date if he/she loses a book.
    • Any unreturned materials will be considered as loss in 30 days after the due date. Fines terms and conditions apply.
    • The Loss Fine is calculated as: Twice the Cost of Book + MYR 30.00 Processing Fee
  4. Damaged Books
    • Damaged books will have to be replaced by the library users. The Library users will be required to pay the Cost of the Book and MYR 30.00 Processing Fee.
  5. Penalties
    • All lost and damaged off all Reference Collections will be penalized MYR 1,000.