Pusat Islam Universiti Malaysia Kelantan

By | March 15, 2018

Pusat Islam Universiti Malaysia Kelantan

Pusat Islam Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, The University Islamic Centre of University Putra Malaysia  was established in 1988 as “Unit Hal Ehwal Islam”. The main role of the University Islamic Centre is to organize religious, spiritual and educational activities for the students and staff of UPM and society. The University Islamic Centre strongly encourages all UPM members and the community to fully make use of the facilities to enhance religious activities collectively while non-Muslims are also encouraged to know Islam better through the Islamic Centre.


Become a blessed Center of Responsibility through religious and spiritual services that can have a significant impact on the achievement of the vision of the University.


Implementing the delivery of religious and spiritual services as well as the management of mosques that can add value to the achievement of the objectives of the university’s strategy plan.