Multimedia University Exchange Program

By | April 6, 2018

Multimedia University Exchange Program

Multimedia University Exchange Program,  If your GPA is more than 3.0 and you want to get experience of being student in another country,  Apply to exchange program. Exchange program is a big opportunity to get the inspiration from different cultures and nations, and travelling around the world.


My Exchange Program experience (Malaysia, Malaysia Multimedia University)

Tansholpan Seriktessova

First and foremost important question is how to apply? Two times a year,  means every semester our university announces about exchange program. The application to the fall semester starts at the end of the january and the spring starts at the end of the november. Do not sleep and remember this dates. On the first step you have to write the statement to the  dean’s office. If the commission of the dean’s office accepted, your documents transfers to the International Relations Office. Then International Relations Office will show the list of available universities, where you can study and take courses.

Two main words: University and Courses. As I am engineering faculty student, I focus on this sphere. Before choosing the university and the country, ask the question “What I want to reach in the end of this program?”. I know that every student, accepted by university to the exchange program will think that she/he is the smartest one. But how much? You are smart to study in Korea or in other country. It is well known and I can not deny that it is harder to study in Korea rather than in other countries. Some students can choose wrong way, means university and country, then in the end regret about. To be far from this problems, just google it. Really, am not joking. Try to find any information, that can be useful for you. Search everything that connected with the country and the university. Here I want to share my method. You know the list of the universities. Look and choose the countries, where probably you want to study. After go to social network VK. Search “Association of the students in Malaysia/Korea/China/Poland…” and go to the list of the members of this group, then add to friends minimum 5-8 people. It is important to select active people, who will give the answer. Pay attention to study status, maybe you will see exactly that university, where you want to apply. You have to prepare the formal text with the list of the main questions. After message them, here just copy and paste. Am sure that it is working method.


 I am in the center  On the left side my friend Skakov Nazym, also alumni of exchange program

Some benefits of being student in Malaysia:

  • Asia. The magnificent nature, islands, travelling, Asian cuisine, different culture could not stop me.

  • Finance. Before you will go to study abroad, ask your parents: “Can they provide you financially during the half of year?” By the way note that Malaysia is cheaper than Europe countries.

  • University. MMU. I thought that in Multimedia University will teach malaysian professors. I have never been so wrong, as in this point of view. Because all my lecturers and teachers were korean and chinese people. I said  myself: “You are so lucky, that have these kind of professors, moreover in Malaysia”.

  • Language. In Kazakhstan the second language is Russian, at the same way English in Malaysia.

  • Friends. I found kazakh friends, who could help me in Malaysia. Moreover, if you want to spend time beneficially and funny go with your groupmates and university friends

Here I could explain only some aspects, but maybe you will find others that can stay as the reason to go Malaysia.

Now go to organizational aspect.

  • VISA. It is possible to check Malaysian VISA online, just go to the link :

  • If you want to count amount of medical screening, insurance card, visa, students fees, go to the online fee calculator:

  • Any other information written in this web sites: and

  • Buy tickets from Air Astana, because of the open date and cheap price. Open date, means during the whole year you can choose any return flight date. Do not forget to ask “Youth fare”, because Air Astana has special discount for the young people at the age of 18-25.

  • Let’s think that you solved all problems with arrival, but have you prepared your course list? Take a list of all subject in SDU and compare with abroad university courses. You shouldn’t have more than 5 differences. Think, you will come back and study all different courses.

  • After accomplishing semestr ask your abroad university to give you Certificate about finishing the exchange program. If possible try to get recommendation letter from one of the high qualificated professors of the university. In the nearest future these papers will open you a doors and will give priority to CV.

News. Before this day we could study online some subjects that is difference. But now, we can not. New portal of the SDU do not accept this kind of things. If the courses did not matched, you have to study it as difference.

As the conclusion, “What is the advantages and disadvantages of the exchange program?”


  • Knowledge

  • Responsibility skills

  • Language

  • Travelling

  • Worldview

  • International friends

  • Story and just memory


  • Difference of subjects

  • Any kind of danger

  • Climate and Weather

  • Cost


I think that everyone will see the own advantages and disadvantages. The main thing is to try get all the best from the exchange program. During the 5 month that spent in Malaysia, I used self motivating words of  Dr.Kerwin Lee:  “Go where you can grow”. Always choose the place where you can improve yourself.

P.s: Here the link to the videos in Malaysia, that edited by me:

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