Multimedia University Car Sticker Form

By | April 6, 2018

Multimedia University Car Sticker Form

Multimedia University Car Sticker Form, The University takes serious view on the issue of fake vehicle stickers and fake medical chits. If you are successful in your ballot, your vehicle sticker will be issued to the car / motorbike number as specified in your application


Students who required Car Stickers may submit the application form effective with the following attachments:-

Copy of Student ID

Copy of Valid Driving License

Copy of Finance payment receipt

Please note the following restrictions for application of car and motorcycle stickers :-

Student – maximum 1 car sticker

– 1 motorcycle sticker

– 1 visitor sticker

The application for sticker can be downloaded from the INTRANET.

Please submit your application form at Student Service Centre.

Your cooperation in this matter would be highly appreciated.