Jpp Universiti Malaysia Sabah

By | March 14, 2018

Jpp Universiti Malaysia Sabah

Jpp Universiti Malaysia Sabah,check out Jpp Universiti Malaysia Sabah below
“To be a recognized department with outstanding achievements in the management of physical development, facilities management, system maintenance, utility management and university facility services provider.”
“Strive to excel in managing the campus development and maintenance to realize the vision and objectives of the University.”

OBJECTIVES 1. To provide facility and quality support services.
  2. To plan and implement the development strategies in line with the academic program development
. 3. To ensure that maintenance projects adhere with the standards, time and cost. TAGLINE “Your comfort is our priority”


1 ) Architects Sector
i ) New Job, Modification and Upgrading Section
a) Responsible to plan, implement, monitor and supervise the Development of New Job Project and New Policy (One Off) which involves tender.
b ) Responsible to ensure renovation and upgrading are implemented in accordance with the law and the relevant act.
c ) Responsible to plan, implement, monitor and oversee the quotation process implemented for the renovation and upgrading project.
ii ) Landscape Section
a) Responsible to plan and monitor the university landscape maintenance activities.
2 ) Development Sector
a) Responsible to plan, co-ordinate and manage projects for the university development under the Malaysia Five-Year Plan and other projects such as PFI and PPP.


Key Features:  
1.Mechanical Engineering Sector
i) to plan, supervise, execute and monitor activities of operation, maintenance and contract associated with the mechanical air-conditioning system.
ii) to plan, supervise, execute and monitor activities of operation, maintenance and contracts associated with the sanitary piping systems and mechanical pumping system.
iii) to plan, supervise, execute and monitor activities of operation, maintenance and contracts associated with the am mechanical systems.
iv) to plan, supervise and execute operations and maintenance activities for branch campuses (mechanical related).
v) to plan, supervise and execute automotive operations and maintenance activities in University Malaysia Sabah.
2. Electrical Sector
i) Responsible to repair and maintain the electrical system in buildings and infrastructure.
ii) To ensure the Electrical System is in perfect condition and functioning properly and safely.
3. Civil Engineering Sector  
i) To plan and manage matters concern with the maintenance and minor repairs within the civil engineering and infrastructure scope.
ii) To plan and manage matters concern with the work contract of civil engineering and infrastructure scope as well as the cleaning services and pest control contract.
iii)To plan, prepare and revise the technical specification for the scope of work under the civil and structural engineering.
4. Conserve Utilities and Energy Management Sector  
i) To monitor, analyze and manage the usage of electricity, water and telephone.
ii) To identify, plan and implement the conservation programs.


1. Enhance the JPP management and administration skills and optimize the usage of human resources professionally in providing services to the other department.
2. Improve the management in providing more efficient training to the JPP staff.
3. Enhance and strengthen the JPP quality management in accordance with the university objectives.
4. Implement departmental asset management gradually and thoroughly.
5. Strengthen and optimize the financial management and conservation policy in accordance with the circulars and applicable regulations.
6. Implement logistics service management and event management for university official activities. .
1. Administration and Governance Sector
i ) General Administration and Governance Section
ii ) Human Resource Management Section
iii ) Financial Management and Budget Section
2. Events  Sector
i ) Events Section
3. Quality and Asset Management Sector
4. Customer Service Sector