E-Pjj Universiti Teknologi Mara

By | July 11, 2018

E-Pjj Universiti Teknologi Mara

E-Pjj Universiti Teknologi Mara,

Year 1973 – The centre was established by the name of ITM Off-Campus (Kajian Luar Kampus)

Year 1990 – Later, the name was changed to Outdoor Education Center (Pusat Pendidikan Luar) in accordance with the Distance Education Program (Pendidikan Jarak Jauh) offering a new mode of teaching and learning practices.

Year 1996 – Franchise unit established under the Office of External Relations and International.

Year 1998 – The name later was changed to Centre for Continuing Education (Pusat Pendidikan Lanjutan) when elctronic distance learning was first introduced.

Year 1999 – Franchise unit renamed as Joint Programme Unit

Year 2001 – PPL changed to Education Development Centre-EDC) by combining two units consisting of Distance Education Unit and Cooperative Programme Unit.

Year 2002 – The establishment of Short Term Programme Unit

Year 2003 – Education Development Centre was upgraded to Institute of Education Development (Pusat Perkembangan Pendidikan-InED) in line with the educational changes made under Centre for Distance Education (PPJJ), Joint Education Centre (Pusat Pendidikan Usahasama) and the Centre for Continuing Education (Pusat Pendidikan Berterusan)


Usaha, Taqwa, Mulia
(Endeavour, Religious, Dignified)


To establish UiTM as a premier university of outstanding scholarship and academic excellence capable of providing leadership to Bumiputeras’s dynamic involvement in all professional fields of world-class standards in order to produce globally competitive graduates of sound ethical standing.


To enhance the knowledge and expertise of Bumiputeras in all fields of study through professional programmes, research work and community service based on moral values and professional ethics.


Every individual has the ability to attain excellence through the transfer of knowledge and assimilation of moral values so as to become professional graduates capable of developing knowledge, self, society and nation.


  • To provide maximum opportunities for bumiputeras to pursue professionally-recognised programmes of study in science, technology, industry, business, arts and humanities.
  • To provide quality and innovative programmes of study relevant to current market needs and customer demands, and in line with policies of national development.
  • To establish a human resource development programme as a tool for the assimilation of a value system within the university community.
  • To ensure that UiTM graduates are adequately prepared to join the local as well as the global workforce.
  • To establish UiTM as a centre of excellence that is accountable for the effective and efficient management of its human resources, finances and assets in order to achieve its educational objectives, while playing its role as a catalyst in community development.