AIMST University Accommodation

AIMST University Accommodation

AIMST University Accommodation; Hostel accommodation is provided for all students of AIMST university, whether local, out-of-town or overseas students.

These residences are shared by groups of four to twelve students and are within walking distance to the Student Centre that contains shops, a cafeteria and ATM Teller Machine.

The University’s accommodation package includes three meals a day at the cafeteria and bus transportation to and from the University.

Another important thing to note down is that there are wardens in each apartment unit. They are responsible for the safety, general welfare and adherence of the curfew hours. The entrance gate will be closed at 1 am daily.(This was what I were being told which in contrary to the closing time of the cafeteria)

This cafeteria offers vegetarian and non vegetarian food and operates from morning till late night. It closes at 2 am. It is a self service concept whereby ones need to put the plates and glass in designated area after using them. I must say that the cafeteria is very well maintained. It is also equipped with TV sets. There is only one limitation which is their toilets. The male and female toilet are separated one at the north whereas the other at the south. Both are located far end from the cafeteria.

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