20 Best Paying Jobs For Persons With Good Communication Skills

By | May 15, 2017

20 Best Paying Jobs For Persons With Good Communication Skills

You should always choose a career that suits your personality and self-interests. But how about doing something that you’re really, really good at? Have you really thought about what skills you have and which skills set you apart from all others?

Choosing a good career goal means finding a career that gives you a high chance of being successful and gaining job satisfaction – but to be good and successful at the job also means that you need the specific skills that are relevant to the tasks of this dream career.

There are many types of skills. Some are acquired through formal learning while others are developed through informal activities. Students can develop skills through extracurricular activities, their academic coursework, a part-time job, job shadowing or internship, or even volunteer works.

One very important skill everyone needs to succeed in the job market is communication skills. Having good communication skills mean being able to communicate information effectively, clearly and accurately. It also includes being a good listener and using non-verbal cues well, e.g. body language, tone of voice, facial expression, gestures, and others. In the world of work, examples of good communication skills means being able to: deliver dynamic presentations, persuade people to take an action or accept an opinion; write clear and effective emails and reports, socialise and talk to people from all backgrounds easily, and manage difficult or stressful people and situations.

So, do you have good communication skills?

If you’re wondering if you excel at communication, think about this…. At school or college and at home, do you enjoy taking part in a logical argument, entering a debate, or speaking in front of a crowd? Do you enjoy writing reports and essays (and get good grades too)? Do you like working on the school newsletter or yearbook – especially writing articles and interviewing people for stories? Are you confident when speaking to people you’ve just met? Do you usually get picked to emcee a school event or moderate a class discussion? Do your friends say you’re a good listener?

If you think you have good communication skills, you may want to consider any of these jobs since they are the best paying jobs with very high demands in the market. The communication skills will help you succeed in these fields as well as get a good reward for the success.

Below are the top 20 Best Paying Jobs For Persons With Good Communication Skills in no particular order

  1. Customer service representatives
  2. Doctors
  3. Clinical psychologists
  4. Counselling psychologists
  5. Financial advisers
  6. Human services assistants
  7. Physical therapists
  8. Public relations specialists
  9. Lawyers
  10. School counsellor
  11. Social workers
  12. Teachers
  13. Training and development specialists
  14. Market research analysts
  15. Medical assistants
  16. Nurses
  17. Occupational therapists
  18. Pharmacists
  19. Radiologic technicians and technologists
  20. Sales representatives